Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 5

Badzaat Episode 4 Recap

Daniyal has a thing for Biya, and Huda sorta senses it.

Badzaat Episode 5 Written Update and Review

Wali likes Biya and it’s so evident.  Qandeel gets married, finally. Huda is still not happy that Daniyal gives Biya too much attention.

Back at home, Laila Begum’s BP shoots. Ainy isn’t home, so Fareeda calls Wali. Long story short, Laila lies about Ainy just so Wali doesn’t lose his temper.

And then Daniyal makes his move. No, no, no. He doesn’t like Biya, he isn’t replacing Huda. He wants to… I don’t know what he wants from Biya. And how could he even think that Biya would agree? That scene alone has ruined my night. So so disappointing. Why couldn’t we have a simple love story with “some” malice between cousins? Why do we only show shit? This scene was such a huge let down.

This episode was slo-mo for most of the time, and didn’t progress much in terms of plot, except for the last scene. And what a cringe it was. I hadn’t seen this coming. Why didn’t Anabiya say anything to save Wali? I was so irritated, that I even watched the promo for the next episode.

I’m not sure how much longer I can watch this drama solely for Imran Ashraf and repeated “Mujhe Tum Abhi Bhi Pasand Ho”. I can always listen to the OST separately.


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So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. liza says:

    im also gonna suggest that you loose hope on this drama. from the pattern that i’ve observed, other than being a geo tv drama as a criteria, a siraj ul haq drama is also a hopeless drama (other than ye raha dil, but that, the writer and the channel are both credible). misbah nosheen (she wrote meherposh, which honestly is quite a shit drama) like maha malik are both amateur writers imo. again would suggest you not to waste time on this, that’s if you want to.

    invest in good dramas. many great dramas waiting for you xD

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