Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 8

Badzaat Episode 7 Recap

Mehrunnisa announces that Daniyal and Biya are in a nikaah, and things don’t look good for Qandeel in her in-laws house.

Badzaat Episode 8 Written Update and Review

So, while Daniyal is treating Biya like shit, Wali interferes and asks him to “fix” things with Kashif’s family. And how does he do that? By sweet talking to Kashif’s mother Shaheda, who let’s go of all her complaints on a promise of a simple dinner. Daniyal promises her a dinner and she’s like, chalo photo session karte hain. Aise kahan hota hai?

Wali is heartbroken by this whole charade, and we see the angry young man side of him most of the time. Things also get out of hand when Wali spots Ainy in the same city. Wali confronts Laila Begum, who tells the whole truth about Ainy. Ainy isn’t even his real sister. I am surprised by Wali’s fierce reaction.

Narmeen still blames everything on Biya and Mehrunnisa. Akbar Hussain also sings the same tune. It’s only Qandeel who trusts what Biya has to say. She has a valid reason: Huda wouldn’t have left if she hadn’t believed Biya. She tells her parents and her brother to keep his nikaah with Biya.

I don’t like Biya’s character arc. It’s paper thin. She has nothing to do except weeping and sleeping. Argh… So so annoying.

In this episode, I liked how Daniyal changes his behaviour–sweet when needed and then cold as ice. I hate his character but I like his acting.


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