Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 12

A little recap of episode 11

Ifrah’s wedding is fixed.

Bebasi episode 12 written update and review

So, Ifrah is getting married. Ishrat Jahan is still bitter and talking rubbish about Ifrah. Neeli has a one track mind, and Ifrah tells her to keep a positive outlook. Doesn’t she know that Neeli isn’t the sort of person who could listen to reason?

Ahmar and Nadiya are constantly bickering. Even though Ahmar convinces Nadiya to be a little sensible about his schedule, Nuzhat isn’t willing to let go of her grudges. She pins everything on Mahrukh. Mahrukh, on the other hand, leaves no stone unturned to save her reputation. She’s so stupid. I mean, no matter what she does, Nuzhat will still bicker. I understand that Mahrukh and Nuzhat are characters written in a certain way. I meant that comment for IRL. People go to lengths to please others but it still results in heartbreak. I have so many personal stories but let’s keep that for later.

Ahmar and Kamran attends Ifrah’s wedding.

Ishrat Jahan does what she has planned all along. She tells Ifrah’s mother about Ifrah’s fiance. Of course, she chooses certain words and paints a different picture. The wedding is called off. Ab Ahmar will marry Ifrah. Hehe.

All three daughters of Tameezuddin are wearing red. Is it co-ordinated on purpose? I loooooved Shabana’s dress.

What to expect from episode 7


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