Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 14

A little recap of episode 13

So, Ahmar has married Ifrah to save Tameezuddin’s reputation. Nadiya’s friend spots Ifrah and Ahmar together and sends pics. Yep, chaos is about to happen.

Bebasi episode 14 written update and review

Ahmar comes home to a chaos where Nuzhat and Nadiya are ganging up on Mahrukh because of Ahmar’s photos with Ifrah. I don’t understand Mahrukh’s reactions, nor Ahmar’s. She sends her to maid’s room and Ahmar doesn’t object either. I mean, he can’t take Ifrah’s side but he could have asked her to stay in a separate room. I also don’t like how rudely Mahrukh talks about Tameezuddin. She is supposedly educated, right? One can expect a man like Tameezuddin to be mannerless but I don’t expect this from Mahrukh. Nausheen Shah is a terrific performer but I don’t like her role. Credit where credit is due, I guess the role comes out more evil because of Nausheen’s fabulous acting.
I might not agree with Nuzhat or what she does, but I so sympathize with Nadiya. If you’re so madly in love with someone and you don’t get him/her, the hurt is beyond expression. I don’t know it first hand, but once I had to give up on a dress that I loved and… Well… I still feel the pain. I know, it isn’t the same as loving a human being but I swear tje sentiments aren’t much different.
This drama always has a scene or two that makes my blood boil. Mahrukh snapping at Ifrah was one of those scenes.


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