Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 19

Bebasi episode 19 written update and review

Sahir is back unexpectedly. Not only does he go to Hyderabad and meets Tameezuddin, but he also accuses Azra for not looking after Ifrah.

Sajid and Anwar aren’t happy about Sahir’s sudden return. They discuss their plan, the one that has successfully separated Sahir and Ifrah, making the two men proud of their doing.

And also letting Azra know the truth. Until now, she was under impression that Sahid is guilty of telling the truth about Ifrah’s biological father. Now, she learns that this was all a ploy to get Ifrah out of the way. In his defense, Sajid tells Azra that Ifrah has gotten married to a richer, more established man Ahmar.

That’s just the information that Azra needed.

She goes to see Ifrah, and is shell shocked to see Ifrah mopping the floor. The two get to talking, and then Azra is ready to leave. She runs into Mahrukh, and learns just how awfully Ifrah is treated. She doesn’t tell who she is.

When will Mahrukh know that Ifrah is a well-educated girl belonging to a well-to-do family? It would be fun to see her face when truth comes out.

This episode was one of the fastest moving episodes of bebasi. So much has happened in one single episode. I hope that this drama reaches its end quickly rather than dragging it further.

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Shabana Mukhtar