Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 20

Bebasi episode 20 written update and review

Sahir is back, and he is brokenhearted to learn that Ifrah is married to someone else. Amidst all the drama amongst Mahrukh, Nadiya, Nuzhat and Ahmar, I had forgotten the delight that was Khushhal Khan aka Sahir. He doesn’t think well of Sajid, or his own father Anwar. He leaves his father’s house, not wanting to be part of anything that is just a business deal and nothing else.
Mahrukh isn’t happy about Ifrah, and that makes Ahmar talk to Ifrah. He wants Ifrah to go back home. It has been 20 episodes, but I still fail to understand the relationship between Mahrukh and Ahmar. Are they twins? Is Mahrukh Ahmar’s older sister? Why do they address each other with names? At times I also feel that Ahmar is sort of subordinate to Mahrukh. I don’t know. It just isn’t clear.
Sajid meets Ahmar regarding some business discussion. One thing leads to other, and Sajid ends up suggesting that Ahmar should bring Ifrah onboard as she’s a BBA graduate. That makes Ahmar thinking. So, this is how Ifrah’s education will be revealed to Ahmar and others. I like it.
Mahrukh spills tea on Ifrah’s foot. Later that night, Ifrah comes to Ahmar’s room. Ahmar notices Ifrah’s burned foot, and gives her burnol. This scene had potential to be utterly, absolutely, extremely romantic but this was so plain and devoid of any emotions. I guess both Ali Rehman and Alizeh Shah could have done better in this scene. By the way, Ifrah is wearing different slippers in both scenes, and she also changes dresses quite often. Itne kapde le kar aayi thhi Ifrah? :-O just wondering. I bought four tunics today for summers. My office will be starting in two weeks. I’m just readying to rejoin office (as if I need an excuse to shop more clothes).


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Shabana Mukhtar