Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 22

A little recap

Sahir is back in Ifrah’s life.

Bebasi episode 22 written update and review

This episode was all over the place. Mahrukh insults Ifrah, Ahmar protests, Ifrah asks Ahmar to marry Nadiya and the same thing happens twice until Ahmar concedes. He has to, or else this shit will go on and ooonnnn… Like Celine Dion…

Sing it with me: This shit will go on and ooonnnn…

Sahir comes to see Ifrah. She doesn’t encourage him or anything, but she doesn’t tell Ahmar about him, either. This is that unnecessary bit of misunderstanding that romance stories have, the misunderstanding after which everything is fine and “they live happily ever after”. But such misunderstandings are oh so annoying.

I don’t know why, but by the time the drama reaches 20-22 episode mark, I get bored. There are a few exceptions but generally this is where I feel like: ab bas hai gaya.


Anyways, off to review Dil e Momin episode 40. That drama is also taking forever to end. Argh!



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