Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 27

A little recap

Mahrukh tricks Ifrah to go out of the house and locks in. Tch, this is too much, even for Mahrukh.

Bebasi episode 27 written update and review

Ahmar isn’t well and calling Ifrah in his unconcious state. When the doctor asks Mahrukh and Nadiya about Ifrah, they both snap at the doctor.

Tch, poor doctor.

What wrong did he do?

Can rich people yell at doctors as well? Jehangir hospital aao, sab pata chalega. They treat people like garbage no matter how much money you have.

I’m not endorsing either. Yelling at people who have means to heal you (if not power to heal you) is wrong. Treating people like shit and still taking shitload of money from them is also wrong. But that’s not the point. I don’t know why it reminded me of those awful days at the hospital.


Moving on…


Azra and Sajid are worried about Ifrah. Ifrah, on the other hand, is unwilling to go back to her parents. She is content to live with Shali and her mamu.


Azra confronts Mahrukh, and this time she tells her.


Azra: Main maaN hooN uski. I have every right to question where my daughter is.

Maza aa gaya…


Mamu brings Ifrah to the hospital to have just one look at Ahmar. Ifrah has a close run in with Mahrukh and then Sahir.

But the miracle happens when Ifrah watches Ahmar. She looks at Ahmar worriedly. Lo and behold, Ahmar opens his eyes. Bhai waah!


Mahrukh pressurizes Manzoor again. First, she used him to kick Ifrah out of the house. Now, she forces him to lie to Ahmar that Ifrah went with Sahir. Will this woman stop at some point? Also, will this drama end?


Khushhal Khan is the best. Kitni expressive hain uski aankhein… And so hot 🔥🔥🔥

Mahrukh’s white top is so beautiful. Uff…


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Shabana Mukhtar