Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 29

Bebasi episode 29 written update and review

Nuzhat aapa has suddenly become a saint. She admonishes Nadiya for helping Mahrukh in ousting Ifrah from the house. Mahrukh has plans to do a quick nikaah. Nuzhat doesn’t want this, but now the decision is with Nadiya, who wants to marry Ahmar at all costs.



Tameezuddin is worried about Ifrah and Ahmar. Neeli tells him that Ahmar is marrying Nadiya and that Ifrah has run away with Sahir. This is only partly true, but Tameezuddin breaks down when he hears this. Ishrat Jahan and Neeli both are heartless, and Shabana is the only one who understands her father.




Sahir takes the final decision for the ultimate sacrifice. He goes to Ahmar’s house, just in time for the nikaah. He tells the truth to Ahmar. The nikaah is called off. Sahir brings Ahmar to Shalu’s house. But Ifrah isn’t there.

There is only one place she could seek refuge in– Tameezuddin’s house.

That’s where the episode ends.



This drama truly is about Sahir. His small scenes are more powerful and impactful than the whole episode. He is so good. I ship Sahir with someone better, in fact, like Shabana. She is a nice and sweet girl. Sahir deserves someone like Shabana. Just saying!

This episode does a good job of bringing the plot closer to the finale. I like how everything is resolving. Now that the whole Nadiya matter is at rest, Ahmar and Ifrah’s reconciliation is the only thing pending.

Alright, off to watch Dil Awaiz now.


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