Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 4

A little recap before we dive into the latest episode of Bebasi

So, Neeli needs twenty thousand rupees for a beautician’s course. Everytime I write “beautician” I recall that scene from Band Baaja Baarat where Shuti says: Bitishan ka kharcha isi mein hai uncle. What a movie it is!

Oh, so back to the show. Sajid and Anwar aren’t willing to marry their kids, whereas the kids Ifrah and Sahir are oblivious to the whole situation. Sahir is readying to go abroad for a year-long course. Mahrukh wants Ahmar to marry Nadiya.

Bebase episode 4 written update and review

Ahmar’s track

Mahrukh and Ahmar are still arguing over Nadiya.

“I can’t marry Nadiya because I don’t feel a thing for her,” Ahmar says.

In walks Nadiya. Of course, she overhears everything. She rushes back home, locks herself in the room and doesn’t open the door for hours.  Kt worries Nuzhat for obvious reasons. Panicked, she calls Ahmar and Mahrukh. Yep, Nadiya has consumed sleeping pills. They all rush her to the hospital.

I guess this was just Nadiya’s ploy to blackmailed Ahmar into marrying her. I mean… Alright, she could genuinely be upset, but she has already asked her mother to lie just so Mahrukh will discuss their proposal. Even at the hospital, she is goofy-eyed around Ahmar as if bringing her to the hospital is equivalent to saying yes for marriage.

This track is overdramatic and feels so unnecessary. I think Ahmar would end up marrying Ifrah somehow, and every character will become helpess hence the title “Bebasi”. That’s just my assumption.

Ifrah & Sahir’s track

Ifrah’s family is going over to Sahir’s house for birthday celebration. Saba is genuinely happy about this. The preparations are awesome, and everyone seems to have a good time… except Dado. Dado asks about Saba about their properties which they have plenty but dado is quite bitter and blunt in general.

I like the birthday celebration. Allah Sahir jaisa life oartner sab ko dey.

Dado continues to spill poison against Ifrah and Azra. Ifrah overhears the conversation: that she isn’t Sajid’s daughter, that she is Tameezuddin daughter, that he has told Anwar abiut the truth… To know the truth and to see someone’s true face it’s a bit too much for Ifrah. She falls down.

Dado is bickering nonstop. I like Azra. She delas with everything so calmly. Nobody knows that Ifrah knows the truth. I guess in the next episode, Ifrah will talk to her mother and ask about the truth.

Tameezuddin’s track

Neeli registers for the beautician’s course. My heart goes out to Ishrat Jahan. The way she wishfully talks about Neeli having a better and respectable future brought tears to my eyes… Poor woman… I hope Neeli doesn’t do anything to hurt her mother.

What to expect from episode 5

Confrontation, I guess. Ifrah will talk to Azra and ask about Tameezuddin.  Tameezuddin might find out about Neeli’s course. In short, the drama is pacing up.

Alright, all done with Bebasi… On to the review of Parizaad.

Shabana Mukhtar