Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 8

A little recap

Sahir is ready to meet Ifrah and Tameezuddin.

Bebasi episode 8 written update and review

Tameezuddin’s track

Ifrah offers to cook so Ishrat Jahan can rest a little. To everyone’s surprise, Tameezuddin likes food. Shabana is still the only person who is supportive of Ifrah. Neeli hates her stepdaughter. To be honest, she doesn’t like her sister or mother, either.


Sahir comes to meet Ifrah at Tameezuddin’s house. He tries to be the politest young man but Tameezuddin isn’t convinced. He needs time to think, unless Ifrah changes her mind and goes back with Sahir. Ifrah chooses the first option.


Khushhal looks so handsome, and this boy is talented. He knows how to emote which is rare even in some seasoned actors, just saying.

Ahmar’s track

Ahmar and Mahrukh come to meet Nadiya nad Nuzhat. Mahrukh already feels left out and jealous of Nadiya. She is a dominating older sister, and I don’t think she will like it that someone else takes Ahmar away from her.  I think Ahmar is sensing that Nadiya and Nuzhat are sidelining Mahrukh. The question is, would he do something to stop it? Or would he let Mahrukh learn a lesson?


Anoushay looks pretty in that white dress. But the shade of her lipstick changes. It was bright red when she was getting ready, and a better shade when she was out in the lawn talking to Ahmar.

What to expect from episode 9

Mahrukh will learn the truth about Nadiya and Nuzhat. I can’t wait to see her face when that happens. Nausheen Shah is doing fine as an obsessive elder sister.

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