Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 9

A little recap of episode 8

Sahir meets Tameezuddin and asks for Ifrah’s hand in marriage.

Bebasi episode 9 written update and review

Tameezuddin’s track

Neeli and Ishrat Jahan don’t let go of the little fact that Ifrah is engaged. I don’t understand what their problem is. Sahir and Ifrah are engaged, and their families were involved in it.

Neeli is wearing western clothes to go to the parlour. Ishrat Jahan, who was taunting Ifrah a moment ago, is now worried about Neeli. This was one little lesson for us all-don’t we do this in our lives? We point a finger at others while we are at the wrong, too.

Tameezuddin has asked Basharat to find a proposal for Ifrah. I didn’t expect Tameezuddin to go to this extent. Now, just to prove that Azra has raised her to be a disobedient and unruly girl.

But there is a hope for Ifrah after all. Ishrat likes the boy and the family; and she wants Neeli to marry this guy. Good for Ifrah, no?

By the way, Eshal looked pretty in that red salwar kameez.

Sajid’s track

Sajid is either ridden with guilt or he just wants Azra to come back to normalcy, Azra is still ignoring everything. I can feel her pain.

“Sukoon jab naseeb hota hai jab insaaf ka dil saaf ho. Yun wawela macha dene se sukoon nahin milta,” Azra says.

I wish I could learn this lesson as well. I also lose my patience very easily. Allah mujhe sabr aur sukoon ataa karey. Amen!

I digress!

Sajid is repenting now, but how would he undo what he has done.

Ahmar’s track

Ahmar spends the whole evening at Nadiya’s house. Mahrukh is as bitter as could be. The smile that appears on Ahmar’s face is so telling. Does it imply that he is ignoring Mahrukh intentionally to make her realize her mistake?

Aye dil nahin tera koi nahin, tu rona nahin…

This OST is growing on me.

What to expect from episode 10

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