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Dil Awaiz

This is a story of a young girl named Dil Awaiz who despite living in her father’s house is treated as an orphan and is deprived of love and care. Dil Awaiz’s father, Shahab Uddin is an influential and wealthy businessman who keeps his distance from his firstborn, Dil Awaiz due to her mother’s past. Things take an unexpected turn when a handsome, young man Sikandar enters Dil Awaiz’s life and once again she is expected to compromise and sacrifice herself in order to save her family’s honour and respect. Despite living like an outsider all her life will Dil Awaiz be able to make yet another sacrifice? Even after all the atrocities, will Dil Awaiz be able to gain due respect in the house?

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Writer: Madiha Shahid

Director: Mazhar Moin

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment


Cast & Characters

Kinza Hashmi as Dil Awaiz (The Protagonist and Titular Character)

The titular character of the drama, the damsel in distress, the pretty face of the story. She is from Shahabuddin’s first wife. Except for Akka Bi, everyone hates her at the haveli.

Kinza also plays the younger version of her mother Sitara who was a dancer I suppose.

Kashif Mehmood as Nawab Shahabuddin

The Nawab Sahab and Dil Awaiz’s father who has disowned her due to her mother’s past. Refuses to accept her as his daughter. I love this man, always love to watch him on screen.

The first time I saw Kashif Mehmood was in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi as Bhola’s evil chacha. (Remember that masterpiece?) Kashif Mehmood isn’t just a handsome face. He also knows his way to your heart with his excellent acting.

Javeria Abbasi as Roshan Ara aka Bi Jaan

Sahabuddin’s second wife. She despises Dil Awaiz. It is women like her that make “stepmother” a gaali.

Sabeena Farooq as Fariah

The dreamer, explorer for love. Also dislikes Dil Awaiz

Seemi Raheel as Akka Bi

Dil Awaiz’s only companion and well-wisher

Ayesha Gul as Durdana phupho

Shahabuddin’s sister, Mariyam’s mother. Durdana phupho also reminds me of Durdana phupho from Dobara, haha 😀

Qudsiya Ali as Mariyam

Fariah’s cousin. Love her curls.

Raeed Alam as Kashan

The tharki cousin who constantly hits on Dil Awaiz. Last I saw Raeed was in Chaudhry & Sons as Pari’s neighbour Shahrukh. That was a fun character. He chose to play a creep in this one, though.

Affan Waheed as Sikander (The Love Interest)

Everyone’s chocolate hero. He makes his appearance in episode 3. He is a photographer by hobby, but I don’t see him do anything else until now.

Farhan Ali Agha as Subhan

Sikander’s Father. He makes his appearance in episode 3. We like him. He is a man of reasons and sensibilities.

Fazila Qazi as Bushra

Sikander’s Mother. She makes her appearance in episode 3. She wants Sikandar to get married soon.

Yasra Rizwi

Yet to make her appearance. She might be related to Dil Awaiz’s mother or might be “the mother” but Sitara is presumably dead. This drama is confusing, peeps.

I think she’s the Begum at the kotha where Sitara used to be.


Asim Mehmood as young Nawab Shahabuddin

The lovelorn Nawab who can’t look away from Sitara. Asim Mehmood can’t carry a Nawab attire. He looks good in jeans t-shirt but this Avatar just makes him look silly and uncomfortable.


Hassan Malik as Yasir

Fariha’s boyfriend, he’s using her for her monies. He’s quite handsome. I haven’t seen him before, and so far I’m liking his acting. Is he same as one of the guys in “Bol Kaffara” video?

Jannan Hussain as Gaiti

Amjad Hussain 

I think he rents the place Tamanna Begum lives in. Notice the disclaimer? Is this character based on some real-life politician or something?


I will add more character’s as I go along and watch more episodes.


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