Drama Review | Dil Awaiz | Episode 1

Dil Awaiz Episode 1 Written Update & Review

Meet the Heroine

Dil Awaiz is Shahbuddin’s daughter from his wife, and she is treated like a rug in her own house.

The Hating Chain

Roshan Ara hates Dil Awaiz because apparently hating Dil Awaiz gives her satisfaction (sadist, is she?).

Shahabuddin doesn’t even want to see Dil Awaiz’s face. Since her parents hate Dil Awaiz, Fariha also hates her. Fariha makes a point to torture Dil Awaiz every chance she “creates”.

Being Fariha’s cousin, Mariyam also treats Dil Awaiz poorly.

And worse, Kashan constantly hits on Dil Awaiz despite her strong refusal. 

The Only Kind Soul(s)

It’s only Akka Bi who is kind to Dil Awaiz. In such dramas where the heroine’s mother is an artisan, Akka Bi or Bua or Aaya Bi type figure is a must. Mariyam’s mother is neutral towards Dil Awaiz, and I’m hoping she would be kinder in the future episodes. 

Fariha has a Boyfriend

Other than hating Dil Awaiz, Fariha has another hobby: a poor boyfriend, who is using her for her riches but Fariha doesn’t see it yet.

Roshan Ara is deceiving Shahabuddin

Roshan Ara derives pleasure from torturing Dil Awaiz. And, she also does “jhol” in the accounts for her and Shahabuddin’s zameens. Yep, the deception is only monetary, though.

What could be the reason behind this, I can’t tell, but I sure am intrigued. 


The performances were on point but I loved Sabeena Farooque. She carries herself like she owns anything and everything including Dil Awaiz. I’m impressed. From Suno Chanda 2 to Kashf to Dil Awaiz, she has improved her craft tremendously. Bravo, girl!

Alright, off I go. Have something else to watch and review. 


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Shabana Mukhtar