Drama Review | Dil Awaiz | Episode 21

Dil Awaiz

This is a story of a young girl named Dil Awaiz who despite living in her father’s house is treated as an orphan and is deprived of love and care. Dil Awaiz’s father, Shahab Uddin is an influential and wealthy businessman who keeps his distance from his firstborn, Dil Awaiz due to her mother’s past. Things take an unexpected turn when a handsome, young man Sikandar enters Dil Awaiz’s life and once again she is expected to compromise and sacrifice herself in order to save her family’s honour and respect. Despite living like an outsider all her life will Dil Awaiz be able to make yet another sacrifice? Even after all the atrocities, will Dil Awaiz be able to gain due respect in the house?


Writer: Madiha Shahid

Director: Mazhar Moin

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

[Source: GEO’s Youtube Channel]


Dil Awaiz Episode 21 Written Update & Review  

This episode introduces a new twist to the story. Faria is apparently the way she is because she isn’t important for her parents. It seems like so. Nawab Shahabuddin is constantly thinking about his past. Roshan Ara thinks more about Nawab Shahabuddin, Sitara and Dil Awaiz than worrying about Faria and everyone else is just freaking confused, including Faria. When Faria asks Roshan Ara to sit with her so she could share her sorrows, Roshan Ara has her own worries.

Faria: have been through a lot. I need time to get over it. I want to cry.

Roshan Ara: I have also been through a lot. You didn’t leave me to face the world. “I want to cry”. Grow up!

Intersting conversation between a mother and a daughter. So unusual.

Nawab Shahabuddin now claims that Dil Awaiz lives in his heart while Faria has no place in his heart. When Faria comes to the breakfast table and seeks permission to join (what’s up with that?), Nawab Shahabuddin leaves the dining table. Roshan Ara had done the same when Dil Awaiz came to the dining table. Makafat, is it?

Sikandar and Dil Awaiz’s slow romance had died suddenly. Their conversation is laced with philosophy now. But we can see the spark hidden right beneath Sikandar’s facade of anger. I wait for it to unleash. I still recall the scene when Sikandar confidently claimed to be with Dil Awaiz.

Main hoon aapke sath.

Bari jaldi sath chor diya Sikandar ne?


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Shabana Mukhtar