Drama Review | Dil Awaiz | Episode 41

Dil Awaiz

This is a story of a young girl named Dil Awaiz who despite living in her father’s house is treated as an orphan and is deprived of love and care. Dil Awaiz’s father, Shahab Uddin is an influential and wealthy businessman who keeps his distance from his firstborn, Dil Awaiz due to her mother’s past. Things take an unexpected turn when a handsome, young man Sikandar enters Dil Awaiz’s life and once again she is expected to compromise and sacrifice herself in order to save her family’s honour and respect. Despite living like an outsider all her life will Dil Awaiz be able to make yet another sacrifice? Even after all the atrocities, will Dil Awaiz be able to gain due respect in the house?


Writer: Madiha Shahid

Director: Mazhar Moin

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

[Source: GEO’s Youtube Channel]


Dil Awaiz Episode 41 Written Update & Review  


Nawab Shahabuddin has surrendered himself to police as he has killed Tamanna Begum. This is the ultimate expression that he is a changed man. If Sarmad who witnessed the killing didn’t file a case and Gaiti who has survived Tamanna Begum as the caretaker of Bulbul Hazar Daastaan didn’t file a case, why did Nawab Shahabuddin surrender himself is beyond me. Later, we see him praying on the prayer mat inside the cell. Tch, what has life come to?

Closure, closure, closure

This episode was primarily about closure, and I loved how all the tracks reached conclusion. Let’s quickly summarize them all.

1. Nawab Shahabuddin is bailed. And guess who has nailed him. Surprise, surprise! Gaiti, that’s who. Tamanna Begum’s death has made her think and realize her own mortality and the ultimate fact that everything is temporary. And since Nawab Shahabuddin is the one who has helped her with this divine epiphany, she has decided to forgive the man who killed the Begum. I loved this. Even though Gaiti was part of a small subplot, it’s inclusion in the conclusion made me happy. (Yeah, wordplay)

It is here that we see the talent that is Janan, very few scenes but so powerful, and the last shot of Bulbul Hazar Daastaan.

2. Faria tells Roshan Ara why and how she went on to seek attention from others when her parents never did. Roshan Ara acts like a mother, and for the first time hugs Faria. This was so much needed.

3. Nawab Shahabuddin is having an splitting headache and asks Akka Bi for a cup of tea. To his surprise, it’s Roshan Ara who brings a glass of water and a strip of tablets (note that one tablet is removed, so it’s not a brand new pack. Love the details). This is enough to tell us that things are well between them. Nawab Shahabuddin takes a step further and confesses his love for Roshan Ara.

“Hamare dil mein hamesha aap theen, aap hain aur aap hi rahengi,” Nawab Shahabuddin tells Roshan Ara.

I was like, dude, you spent most of your time moping about late Sitara. This is a tall claim. To my surprise, Roshan Ara doesn’t refute this claim. She pats Nawab Shahabuddin’s hand. And, this is when the two bury their hatchet, finally.

4. Faria tells Dil Awaiz to not fight her heart. This time she had vowed to not make a mistake, and she doesn’t. Her advice finally pushes Dil Awaiz to take the right step.

The road to happiness

Subhan’s constant nagging finally make Bushra realize that Sikandar would never be happy without Dil Awaiz. She finally relents and asks Sikandar to basically “ja Simran jee le apni zindagi”.

Sikandar meets Dil Awaiz but his pleadings fall on deaf ears. They wore black and white, which I guess was symbolic.

And then, after Faria’s words of wisdom, we see Dil Awaiz adjusting the AC temperature, covering Sikandar with the quilt. Very sweet scene between them.

Affan and Kinza both look like a million bucks. I like this couple. They should appear more often.

Later, we see them walking hand-in-hand. Another black and white contrast, symbolic?

Happily Ever After

It started with a photoshoot and it ended with a photoshoot. Yep, the big happy Nawab family is gathered for another photoshoot. A lovely finale image.


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