Drama Review | Dil-e-Jaanam | Episode 4


Eeshal agrees to marry Asad for her parent’s sake. Shaziya aunty wants Asad to talk to Eeshal first. Would Eeshal be able to make peace with Asad?


Haris is still hell-bent on convincing Eeshal. Kitna chomu hai yeh? He shares his feelings with Fayeza. Why can’t they get together? Haha!


Rehman isn’t well and gets to the hospital. He isn’t even talking to Shahvez. Asma and Shahvez come to seek forgiveness. I don’t like how the parents behaved with Asma. Why are they so rude? There’s only so much of insult that Asma can take.


Shahvez’s friend Arif plays Dr Love for him.


The episode ends as Eeshal is kidnapped. I think Haris is behind this. He wasn’t happy with Asad’s news.


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Shabana Mukhtar