Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 1

Before we begin

Alright, let me admit. I wasn’t intent on watching this. I had heard the title in passing on some review channel, but it didn’t intrigue me enough. But, as YouTube always does, it played the next clip after I finished watching Dobara. The first scene got my attention, and I ended up watching the first two episodes.

Dil-e-Momin Episode 1 Written Update & Review

The episode begins with azaan. That’s something new. I mean… we have seen a trillion dramas where the drama or the episode begins with azaan. This is the first time we see the protagonist calling azaan. Faisal Qureshi in a black kurta, black skullcap calling azaan, I had goosebumps. I had the same feeling for many other first.

  1. janaza procession in qabrastan in Daasi,
  2. Mizna reciting Yaseen in Suno Chanda Season 2 when Jamshed was sick and hospitalized.
  3. Sarah Khan read Inna-lillah in Laapata when someone named Shams was found dead
  4. Alizeh Shah recited Ayat-ul-Kursi in Ehd-e-Wafa.
  5. And now, we see Momin giving azaan and a few people actually offering fajr with jamaat.

This was something new, and it touched my heart. I applaud the uniqueness of this.

We see Momin, Faisal Qureshi calling azaan while the Imam Sahib watch him. We learn that Momin likes to give azaan for fajr and isha prayers. He isn’t the only one in his family who gets up for the early morning prayers. His parents also offer the prayer. In short, this household is quite deeni.

We also learn that Momin has got a job as a university professor. We meet his family – Zehra, Shehzad, Fari and Ainee. Aashi, Momin’s cousin, brings breakfast to wish Momin luck. The way they glance at each other, it’s enough to tell us that they are in “godey godey ishq” for each other. Fari and Ainee also tease Momin just to ensure that the viewers get the point. We do, and we love the duo. Momal has very Mahek-like vibe in this show. I like her. Her face has a certain level of vulnerability, and that works for her characters.

Aashi’s father doesn’t like Momin very much. I think he doesn’t like many people. Shabeer Jan as Jameel comes off as someone who’s perpetually annoyed and never happy. I know someone who is very similar to that (hint: she is a blogger). I like his character. First, he didn’t want to meet Momin to congratulate him, then he didn’t like that Momin went for azaan, that Shahzad left for Isha’s jamaat… Chidchide uncle hain, in short.

The scene changes to the university. Our khoobsoorat and gorgeous and rich girl Maya (Madiha Imam) gets down from the car, smiles and waves at someone-Gohar(Gauhar Rasheed). She looks lovely in that black outfit, and Gohar looks handsome, too. Gohar is obsessed with Maya, and we can all tell that Maya doesn’t feel the same way. Well… there is your first conflict in the making. The storytelling is superb. It is only the first episode, and we already know how many conflicts there will be.

Momin is a no-nonsense teacher, and he reprimands Maya for being late to his class. Bas phir, ho gaya pyar…

Parting Thoughts

Faisal Qureshi looks as handsome as ever, and his performance is as flawless as ever. I like that he experiments with is looks in each project. There was Bashar Momin, then Haiwan, and then Fitoor, and now Dil-e-Momin. Good choices, Faisal bhai!

Masiha Imam’s wardrobe is nice but that cyan coloured suit she wore to the celebratory dinner was so bad.

Isn’t Gauhar Rasheed too old to play a college-going boy? Like 3 idiots… Gauhar looks nice, and he always acts well, but I’m thinking that he will soon be repetitive. He has played such roles several times already. And, I think he was wearing way too much eye shadow in the dinner scene.

All said and done, the first episode has me hooked. I’m off to watch the other three episodes.

Shabana Mukhtar