Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 13

A little recap of episode 12

Wali threatens Fakhr to stay away from Ainee. Maya’s mother has a boyfriend Saif, and she wants Maya to settle first before she introduces Said to Maya. Interesting!

Dil-e-Momin episode 13 written update and review

So, Wali met Fakhr and threatened him thinking he’s the one who threatened Ainee. Ufff, so much of threatening. Gohar threatening Ainee, Wali threatening Fakhr, Jameel threatening Ansa. Ufff…


Bas, Fakhr comes home to talk to Jameel. Faltu raita phel raha hai. Seriously Fakhr… Will you stop complaining to Jameel about every little thing?


The confrontation between Ansa and Jameel is… I couldn’t breathe for a moment. Just before Jameel says: main tumhein talaq deta hoon, Aashi stops her father and agrees to do per his whims.


This time, Ansa tried to be a mother instead of a wife and this is how it ended – almost talaq. I agreed with her. If a marriage is on the shackles and the husband keeps threatening to divorce left right and centre.


Aashi did not relent until her mother was almost divorced. I know these kind of people might exist, but why couldn’t she be more sensible. Chalo ab amma ko talaq bone lagi hai to maan leti hoon warna amma ko taana dete zabaan nahin thakti thhi.


We see a proper Juma khutba. Jameel is also there. He is deciphering the khutba properly, but will he act on the preaching? Not sure. I don’t think he will.


Loved the speech, this scene is so well-written. The whole speech had proper references and detailed, not like a quick short version. I wish I could write such speech.


“Maine Fakhr ko apna naseeb maan liya hai,” Aashi tells Shahzad.


I might not agree with Maya but her mother is pestering her to marry Gohar, and I don’t like it. I mean…if she wants to marry Saif, she could. Why is she pressurizing Maya?


Maya ko bhi chain nahin hai. She meets Momin and proposes to him. Momin refuses, saying her expectations would make her hurt. Right, bhai, it’s the expectations that hurt us the most. Kisi ki bhi ho. Isn’t it his expectation from Jameel that is hurting him?




Main tumhein rihayi deta hoon. Doesn’t that qualify for talaq?



What to expect from episode 14

Momin will learn about Aashi’s decision, and there will be chaos and drama. Waiting? Not so much. Looking forward to it? Not so much.

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Shabana Mukhtar