Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 26

A little recap of episode 25

Shahzad has died, and Waleed is the first person to think that perhaps Momin is innocent.

Dil-e-Momin episode 26 written update and review

Okay, so we are back with another cringy episode of Dil e Momin. We see Momin running around on the streets looking for that baba who once warned him about the unruly ways of this world. He doesn’t find him, but he isn’t losing hope just yet.

Khata kitni bhi badi ho, tauba se chhoti hoti hai,” Imam Sahib says.

I might not like the story of this drama but it does deliver the message. Takabbur isn’t for Momin, or momin. And we also owe to human beings much as we owe to Allah.

Fakhr is back and now wants to marry Aashi, again. I don’t understand the relevance of Fakhr in this drama much like many other things.

Gohar and his parents come to discuss his proposal. In this episode, we finally learn Maya’s name. She’s called Seemi. Nice name, suits Tara Mehmood. We also meet Gohar’s parents finally–Farooq and Mrs Farooq. Abhi tak lagta tha that he is all by himself.

Maya isn’t a bikch for Momin alone. She is a bikch. The way she behaves with Gohar’s parents is simply unacceptable. That scene was so painful to watch. Thank goodness for forward button da. Seemi finally realizes that Maya might have false accusations against Momin, but she isn’t sure yet. I wonder how she would react when she finds out. Will she kill herself like Amal’s father did in Dunk?

I like Fari and Ainee’s chadors when they step out to look for Momin. What I don’t like is just how far Momin and Fari and Ainee have gone against Momin.

In the first episode I had noted that the par will be overdone to death. And I was proven wrong. In this episode, we mostly get the instrumental version and don’t hear Rahat Fateh Ali Khan crying as he usually does in each episode. What a respite it was.

Today, I also learned the actor’s name who play Ainee and Waleed’s mother. Zoha Rehman plays Ainee, and she also has a job other than acting, that’s so interesting. And Mubasira Khanum plays Waleed’s mother.

I think now Seemi and Waleed both know about Maya’s false accusations, end is near.


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Shabana Mukhtar