Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 5

Okay, so the next episode of one of the debatable dramas of 2021 is here. Yep, the fifth episode of Dil-e-Momin is released.  Let’s cover the ground.

Alright, so Gohar reaches sir Momin’s residence. He can’t find the house yet. As fiction is fuelled by coincidences, the gate for sir Momin’s house opens and Shehzad steps out. Yep, Shehzad and Zehra are about to meet Ansa and Jameel for his proposal. Gohar talks to them, and it pleases him to know that Momin has all his heart in the proposal. That is enough for Gohar to call Maya and tell her the truth.

Alright, so Shehzad and Zehra arrive at Aashi’s place. Jameel is being his usual bitter self and humiliates his guests.

While this is going on, we see Momin talking to Aashi. And that phone call reminds me of last week’s blunder. Has Momin done anything to clarify things? Why not?

I don’t like the way Jameel talked to Shehzad and Zehra. He refuses the proposal and also talks to them rudely. Shehzad still behaves like a gentleman and congratulates Jameel for Aashi’s engagement.

Momin, Fari and Ainee, everyone is heartbroken when they learn that Jameel has rejected the proposal. Momin can’t take no for an answer. I mean… He has the right to ask Jameel for the reason.

Jameel still holds a million grudges against Momin, including the fact that Momin helped Shakoor pay the debt. That while series of confrontations between Jameel and Ansa, Jameel and Aashi, and then Jameel and Momin is so ugly, so ugly, and so true. This shit happens in real life, and I loathe such people. I secretly pray that such people should disappear from the face of the earth. But that’s all I can do.

Speaking of realism, I loved that Imam Sahib has a walking stick. And I don’t like that Momin, such a pious man is pursuing a girl like this. Bhai, Momin itni direct settings nahin karta. Amma abba ki bhejna kafi hai. Just saying.

Shabeer Jaan, my goodness… What a bone chilling performance. When he was talking to Momin, I feared him for real.

But Faisal Qureshi’s Momin is so good, so good. My heart goes out to him when he’s in his room sulking. I wanted to capture screenshots for every frame that I liked but that would have been too many.

Shabana Mukhtar