Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 13

A little recap of episode 12

Affan and Seher’s dates are fixed.

Dobara episode 13 written update and review

So, Mehrunnisa is assumed to have chosen Ibtesaam to remarry. She is still unsure but doesn’t speak her mind. Ibtesaam has one ailment or the other. Would it be wise for Mehrunnisa to marry someone who is unwell?

Mahir thinks about Mehrunnisa while Mehrunnisa thinks about Mahir. Donon taraf hai aag barabar lagi huyi…
Ahem… Ahem…
So, now Mahir has a job. Woh kehte hain na ki barish huyi nahin aur mendak bahar aane lage… Ya phir abhi barish huyi nahin aur fasal katne ki tayari… The son has gotten a job and Jehangir is diagnosed with a heart problem.
Mehrunnisa and Ibtesaam are out for shopping, things happen and Ibtesaam learns about Mahir. I was right about Ibtesaam. He would be one of those few people who are supportive of Mehrunnisa’s decision.
So, Affan and Seher are married now, and Seher has started showing her colours already.
Ibtesaam meets Mahir, talks to him, and bas phir… Juma ke mubarak mauqe par ho gaya nikaah…
Ab hoga dhamaal…


This episode was a little all over the place. Jehangir at the hospital, then Ibtesaam at the hospital, Mahir at his new job, and then fighting the snatcher at the street…
Bilal looks handsome in general, but the way he looks at Mehrunnisa just blows my mind. He looks like someone who is in godey godey ishq. So handsome, especially in that white salwar kurta in which he got married.
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Shabana Mukhtar