Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 15

A little recap of episode 14

Mehrunnisa and Mahir are married and are receiving flake from everyone.

Dobara episode 15 written update and review

Aziza is questioning Jehangir and it makes for an annoying conversation. I mean my blood pressure was shooting just watching the scene. I could only imagine how Jehangir would feel if it was a real situation.
Mehrunnisa and Mahir have married without telling anyone, even her best friend Nayyara and her husband Fareed (Shahryar Zaidi) don’t know about this. How would affect Mehrunnisa’s business empire is beyond me.
Despite everyone’s expectations, Mahir isn’t taking money from Mehrunnisa. However, he is forced to work in her office. I like how overwhelmed Mahir looks in his new office. He isn’t naive though. He understands business and spots a few problems already. Will Zameer be on the spot now? Whose side is Safdar on?
Nayyara is one of the best characters I’ve seen lately. She is the epitome of calm and wisdom and grace, a friend that everyone needs in her life, especially if you’re planning to marry a younger man, *wink wink*When she talks, her face brightens up.  And her voice is sweet. Who is she? I just logged into my Instagram account (which is once in a blue moon occurrence), and I noticed that someone named Dr Sarah Nadeem has followed me. Her face seemed familiar, and then it struck me–She’s Nayyara.  Dr Sarah Nadeem plays Nayyara. She is so very pretty and so very talented.
I digress.
Coming back on the track, Nayyara has invited Mehrunnisa for dinner but Fareed isn’t happy. The episode ends as Mehrunnisa and Mahir go out for shopping.
This episode has some witty one-liners as well which I like. After nikaah, this drama has become more interesting. It took too long to get to it, though.
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Shabana Mukhtar