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A little recap of episode 16

Mahir vows to steal from Mehrunnisa without her knowing.

Dobara episode 17 written update and review

So, Affan and Seher both learn about the wedding and both have flipped out. Affan wants to kill Mahir once and for all. He asks Mahir to leave but Mahir doesn’t listen. Bas phir, chal gayi goli. There’s torrential rain for good measure, to make the whole scene more dramatic.

Nope… Not Affan… Mahir… Aise pistol hath mein leke kaun hatha payi karta hai? Aur dusri baat, chori ka socha thha na, lo goli hi lag gayi.
Now, Affan and Seher and both family are all worried about Affan. Zameer does his bit and tries to convince the police officer to “settle” the case. Nabeel has chosen to do a negative character but he looks so so handsome.
Jehnagir and Babar also learn about Mahir’s situation and both come to see him at the hospital.
Hadiqa has acted well when Affan was shot. Apart from that, almost the entire episode was hammy. Sab ne overacting ki hai. The only exception is Shabeer Jan as Jameel talks about how much he values his only son.
This whole episode was so slo-mo. Even on 2X speed, I had to skip a few scenes, especially the ones at the hospital.

What to expect from episode 18?

I think Mahir will tell on Affan.  I mean, once Affan is arrested, half of his headache is gone, right?
Like I said before, this drama just got interesting. It would be more interesting if they didn’t slow down the whole damn thing.
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Shabana Mukhtar

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