Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 19

A little recap of episode 18

Mahir has won Mehrunnisa by taking the bullet and not naming Affan to the police. Mehrunnisa trusts Mahir now. Little does she know that Mahir is ready to break her trust.

Dobara episode 19 written update and review

Jehangir is going to see Mahir, and he runs into Mehrunnisa. He learns that Mehrunnisa has started to trust Mahir now. Whatever Jehangir has to say about Mahir, but he genuinely cares for Mahir. He also knows Mahir quite well. He thinks that Mahir has some ulterior motive behind marrying a woman who is much older than himself. Tch… Jehangir already has a heart ailment. Could he bear this  shock? I don’t think so.


Seher pesters Affan to move back to his house but He doesn’t listen. His ego is too big to relent, and Mehrunnisa is too savage to surrender to her son. Minal and Zameer have their own grudges against Mahir and Mehrunnisa. Nobody is sincere towards anyone in this drama.

I’m interested to see how and when Mahir frauds Mehrunnisa.


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Shabana Mukhtar