Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 30

Dobara episode 30 written update and review

Narmeen can’t stop thinking about her run-in with Mahir. Can she work in a place where Mahir is the boss, given her history with Mahir?

Narmeen has already left Zaman and now she needs the job badly, but she will not work for Mahir. After Mahir talks to her once, she resigns and leaves despite her circumstances. I don’t really care for her. But her opinion of Mahir’s marriage with Mehrunnisa upset me. An educated girl having such low opinion of someone who has done a jayez nikaah, I feel disappointed.


Mehrunnisa has gone to Faisalabad for some charity. Mahir snaps at her for going without informing her.


Mahir has lost his temper after talking to Narmeen, and he takes out his frustration on Mehrunnisa and Shalu. Seriously? He is the freaking hero of the drama. Why is he so short-tempered? I don’t like how he treats people. He is so moody.


I didn’t like this episode. I think Mahir is giving Narmeen too much importance. This is a bad sign. Whether it’s a man or a woman, one should be loyal. When Zameer met Nadiya, Mahir met a big deal out of it. Why is he meeting Narmeen? Don’t the same rules apply to him?


Also, there are so many new things that have begun.

  • Mahir’s feelings for Narmeen are resurfacing.
  • Babar finds out about Mahir going out on Narmeen
  • Mehrunnisa is still unsure about her relationship with Mahir
  • Mahir still isn’t nice to his parents and his only friend Babar

This is the second-last episode. Shouldn’t be heading towards closure by now?

In contrast, Ishe-q-Laa’s second last episode is so nicely paced. Things are nearing conclusion. I’m sure the next episode will nicely lead to a rousing finale. I can’t say the same about Dobara. Anywho!


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Shabana Mukhtar