Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 31

Dobara episode 31 written update and review


A fling?

Okay, so Mahir takes Narmeen out for lunch to celebrate her birthday. The two get to talking, and Narmeen tells Mahir that she never forgot Mahir. I can’t really understand the smirk on Mahir’s face. Is he happy that Narmeen still loves him?

And look at Narmeen. She is acting like a shy bride who’s helplessly in love.

Later, when Mahir is driving (sans Narmeen), he contemplates his cheating ways, that he is deceiving Mehru. He has made tall claims of loving Mehru several times in the past, but now he thinks that Mehru can’t give him love. I rolled my eyes so hard. Abey, abhi kal tak to “mujhe Mehru se mohabbat hai” kehta thha, aur ab “Mehru mujhe mohabbat nahin de sakti”.


Toxic mother

Naheed isn’t keeping well. Mahir meets him, not for ayadat, but to taunt his mother for abandoning him. Isn’t this getting old? For the past 30 episodes, Mahir has been whining that he didn’t get his parents’ love, and that he is an ignored child. I am like, gorw up man.

Naheed finally tells Mahir that she has been diagnosed with cancer.

Oh, dayam! This isn’t good. To hear that your mother is diagnosed with cancer is never good. It breaks you forever, and at least for a week you can’t think straight.

But Mahir seems quite calm.

Anywho, even now, Naheed is of opinion that Mahir should marry someone younger, someone who can match him, someone who can love him.

I don’t like this narrative at all.

Why do women advocate this all the time?

Prophet Mohammad SAW is the prime example of marrying a 15-years-older woman.

Why can’t we revive that tradition?

What is our obsession with younger bride?

I can rant for hours on this, but I will stop it here. Let’s just say that I didn’t understand why Naheed is suddenly shown to have cancer. I don’t understand how that helps the overall story arc, and I hate that she is suggesting Mahir to marry Narmeen (as if he needed any probing in the first place).

Mehru’s worries

Back in Faisalabad, Mehrunnisa is worried about Mahir. He isn’t talking to her, he isn’t picking her calls. She is right in being worried. If she knows that her husband is having an affair, she will just lose her mind.


Will they? Won’t they?

Mahir and Narmeen talk late night and decide to meet for lunch. Babar spots them leaving together. At lunch, Narmeen tells Mahir about her inhibitions.

“I don’t want to be the other woman,” Narmeen says.

“If you don’t want to be the second woman, I will leave Mehru, then,” Mahir offers.

“I don’t want to break your home,” Narmeen says.

I think Narmeen is right. She shouldn’t do this if it means breaking Mehru’s heart and home.


Despite knowing that Mahir is a married man now, Narmeen’s mother wants Narmeen to go after Mahir. Despite saying that she feeling guilty, Narmeen goes out with Mahir. And, despite knowing that he is cheating on Mehru, Mahir can’t stop dating Narmeen. This is as twisted as it could get. Now, we have two more episodes to wrap this shit and reach a finale. I am already tired and bored of it.



This review is three weeks too late. This says a lot about me and how lazy I am; and that I have lost all interest in this drama; and that says a lot of how slow and annoying Dobara has become.

Things are happening randomly, and most of them don’t make sense.

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Shabana Mukhtar