Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 32

Dobara episode 32 written update and review


 Mahir and Narmeen continue to go out. Mahir meets Naheed once who is still singing the same tune-marry someone younger. On the other hand, Jehangir asks to meet Mahir. 




Because he has seen Mahir and Narmeen together. He is Mahir’s father. He knows very well what Mahir is thinking about. His little speech and words of wisdom I liked. Sadly, Mahir is never the one to pay heed to advices.



 Things aren’t going well between Mahir and Mehrunnisa, especially on Madiha’s mehendi function. 









I like how Adeela’s character has transformed. She has become a positive, understanding and more giving person. At least someone has a transformation because the main character stays bitter AF. 


Bilal Abbas has acted so well when he was trying to control his outburst on Madiha’s mehendi. This dude is talented but the role he is chosen is so pathetic.





This review is three weeks late, since I had no interest in watching this now bat shit crazy drama but I’m in a mood to finish things off and bring down my drafts? I have 1107 drafted posts, can you believe it? This shows how much I plan to finish and how little time I get.


I wasn’t interested in doing an in-depth recap or review of this one. Let’s just say that I’m happy this is ending in next episode.

So long!



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Shabana Mukhtar