Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 6

Mehrunnisa, Seher, Minal and Durdana phupho. She has selected a lehenga in shocking pink colour. This doesn’t go down well with Seher or Durdana phupho. Durdana phupho bitches about it to Afgan, and Seher cribs about it to her mother. Roney waley log bahot hain idhar.

Jehangir still misses Mahir a lot. He doesn’t talk much, and Aziza complains to Jehangir about the same. Aziza Begum is a bit too bitter. Initially, I thought that she is just a jealous woman. She is borderline evil. Her words hurt me, and I am sure it would hurt Jehangir as well.


Zameer is shown to be doing some shady stuff. He doesn’t give the tender to their usual partner. Instead, he chooses someone else. Gadbad hai…


Coming back to Mahir, he’s still sharing an apartment

Mahir isn’t used to do any household chores but his friend Babar makes him do laundry. Babar is right though. Mahir doesn’t share the rent, doesn’t share any workload. The least he can do is help clean the apartment. The charade continues. Mahir isn’t happy with his predicament, and he calls Mehrunnisa to seek help. He coaches Mehrunnisa for a day and gets 5000 rupees. Babar also learns about the whole tennis coaching situation. I didn’t like Babar in the fifth episode when he suggested that Mahir should “set” Mehrunnisa. I don’t like people who think like this.


Okay, so it is Affan’s engagement party. Mehrunnisa is enjoying the party. She dances with Mahir. Affan, Seher, Seher’s mother, Zameer, nobody is happy. And, nobody tries to hide their feelings.


Yep, they end up confronting each other. Affan tells Mehrunnisa that she needs to act her age. Mehrunnisa doesn’t take shit, though. You know those videos that you see on YouTube titiked savage moms… Yep, Mehrunnisa is a savage mom.


She gives everyone an ultimatum – I will lead my life the way I want. Those who don’t like this can leave this house.


Sahi hai.