Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 9

A little recap of episode 8

Mahir is hospitalized, and Mehrunnisa has agreed to help him pay the bills.

Dobara episode 9 written update and review

Ibtesaam truly is another version of Nazaakat from Suno Chanda. He doesn’t have the stamina to jog in the park. He comes back and asks for medicines.

Durdana isn’t letting go of Ibtesaam so easily. She is adamant that Ibtesaam should follow Mehrunnisa everywhere. And where is Mehrunnisa going? To visit Mahir at the hospital. Mehrunnisa gives a thick wad of money to Babar. I hope that Babar is honest and not a thief. I mean… Sure, he thinks that Mahir and Mehrunnisa are a thing,, and he is a bit of a creep, but he seems like a genuine friend otherwise.

Mahir is heartbroken, so much that he even hallucinates that Narmeen is there at the hospital. Tch… poor kid.

The whole driving scene was fun. Ibtesaam freaks out when Mehrunnisa drives, and when he drives, he bumps the car. The fun scene leads to an ugly scene with Affan. I liked that Ibtesaam has a new layer. He isn’t just a funny man, he also takes responsibility for what he has done.

Zameer’s company has gotten a contract (the one that he has stolen from Hidayat Ullah’s company). He plans to take Minal out for dinner. Incidentally, it’s Mehrunnisa’s birthday. She has never got to celebrate her birthday in Hidayat Ullah’s life. And, it looks like this year will just be the same… unless… unless Mahir does something to celebrate it.

What to expect from episode 10?

Mahir might seriously start to think that he should woo Mehrunnisa
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