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Writer: Ali Moeen

Director: Abdullah Badini Producer: Zeeshan Ahmed

Executive Producer: Tamoor Tariq

Produced by: Mont Blanc Entertainment

Dushman Synopsis

It’s an adventurous and action-packed story revolving around the two landlord families who are indulged in rivalries.

Dushman Episode 5 Written Update and Review

The Beginning of an End

The first scene pans to a flashback sequence between Sassi and Waris, very early on in their relationship. Waris breaks the news to Sassi, for the first time, that the person she loves is with her enemies’ son.

Sassi is very worried. But Waris is unbelievably calm about this. He decides then and there that they would get married.

Waris is shown to be a person who is emotional but also he has this sense of serenity about him. I must also add very charming.


Sassi breaks down remembering this. Sabeeka Imam really got into the skin of the character. The disheveled appearance. The dripping mascara. Everything is on point.


A very angry Zain comes in Sassi’s room and starts scolding her. He lets her know what Mai Laali is planning to do with her. He offers her pills to terminate the pregnancy. To keep the situation under control. Sassi, however, doesn’t want this.

Zain knows his sister and through figurative speech, encourages her to run away. They share a last hug. That scene was so heart-touching. I had tears in my eyes.


Sassi’s Great Escape

Even before the scene started, my mind kept prodding. “She’s going to seek refuge at a Mazaar.” Like in most Pakistani Dramas.


So Sassi escapes. That whole scene where she sets foot out of the Haveli, was so thrilling. Literally sat at the edge of my seat. The direction and editing was so crisp. The soundtrack created the dark-thrilling ambience needed.

Mai Laali finds out that Sassi has escaped. Lo and Behold, a search party starts.

“If you find Sassi, kill her on the spot. Don’t bring her corpse back!” Mai Laali orders.

Gosh, Mai Laali is really ruthless. She won’t even spare her own kids. Her own blood. Scary!


Also, I’m so happy that Zain is shown to be a brother who has morals. He is against his mother when she brings up ghairat. Honor-killing is a crime. There is nothing honorable about taking someone’s life.

But I am really repulsed by Mai Laali and the credit goes to Saman Ansari for embodying and giving this ruthless, mean character life.


And I give myself brownie points for guessing Sassi’s next refuge. The second OST Satrangi Re plays in the background. The music is so pleasant to the ears. Ahmed Janzeb is such a good composer. Currently obsessed with Dushman’s TitleTrack, also composed by him. As well as Malaal-e-yaar’s OST, it was really catchy. Anywho.


Waris Returns Home

Meanwhile, Waris’s body reaches Malkani’s haveli. Ranjhay is the first person to see the body and conveys his findings to Malkani.

Ranjhay breaks into tears while Malkani puts up a strong face. When Ranjhay asks to see the fast of her deceased son, Malkani says

I want to remember Waris’s face when he left home. I don’t want to remember his face lying in the coffin.

The words aren’t exact of course. But the meaning is the same. She then, with watery eyes, vows that she will take revenge for Waris’s death. Nadia Afgan, what a performer!


Nayyer Ejaz, he usually plays negative characters. And this might be the first time I’m seeing him in a positive-ish character. But he’s so so good! The way he breaks down. A veteran actor at his best.

I missed Mohsin Gillani this episode though, I think with him, the sadness would be conveyed with more emotion.


Oh and I must also add here, that the reason why Sassi doesn’t want to abort the baby is because Waris made her promise to not harm the baby. If anything would happen to Waris.

A poignant scene when Zain comes into the room and finds Sassi gone. And the camera pans to the mirror on the wall. Two names, Calman (I think) and Hoorain were written on it. Perhaps the unborn baby’s name. Such a good scene.


The scene ends as Billiya comes to Amma Waddi with a burden. She guesses that he has done a sin whose burden, is on his shoulders.

Drama Review

This episode is 9/10. Near perfect episode. 1 mark lost because Mohsin Gillani wasn’t part of this episode. But the performances though! I wait for every Monday’s for Dushman. So far, after the big bang last episode, things are taking a crescendo now. Can’t wait to see what would happen to Sassi and her Waris’s waris. The word play there. Hahaha.

Also, I think Waris’s sister would now come into the equation. Also waiting for that.

Overall Dushman is a really good watch. Which surprised me. Because initially I wasn’t planning to watch it at all. But it’s a Nadia Afgan play so I thought, why not? And this episode really belonged to Malkani. And her lost but vengeful quest.

What did the rest think about this episode? Are you enjoying Dushman as much as I do? Or am I the only one? Let me know in the comments below!


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