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Fraud Episode 27 Written Update and Review

  • Shujaat knows how to blackmail Maya. So, he plays his cards right and gets Maya to keep her mouth shut.

  • Asma senses that something is amiss between Maya and Shujaat.
  • To make things worse, Shaan has allowed Shujaat to join the business, and that too as a finance advisor or something. Dekh bachhoo, Shuji kaise tere paise ghayab karta hai.
  • Zimal’s mother Samra asks Zimal to keep a distance from Maya but Shaan learns about this and gives Samra a shut up call.
  • Shaziya is terminally ill and is hospitalized. Nayal calls Nisar and requests to come over. Shahnaz, Nisar and Maya are travelling to Karachi to pay Shaziya a visit.
  • The best part of the episode was Shaan and Maya’s scenes. They are bickering and arguing but also growing fond of each other. It was so so sweet. Just the way they look at each other, just wow!


Although I enjoy Shaan and Maya’s scenes, the other tracks are just too boring. I am just waiting for it to be over. From the looks, however, it is far from over.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Fraud is spiralling downhill just as Habs. They are like how my mum says: unnees bees ka farq hai bas. Zimal’s mother also annoys me, apart from many other things.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    Hi! Youre right, the Maya/Shaan scenes were the only ones worth watching. I hope somehow she gets the strength to disclose her past marriage to him without it affecting her negatively, esp since shujaat is now in charge of the finance (btw what a dumb move how is a smart business man like shan willingly giving such important positions to a guy he doesnt know that well like test him out first man! But I guess thats what makes shujaat such a good fraudster).

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