Drama Review | Fraud | Episode 10-11 | So good!

Fraud Episode 8 Written Update and Review

Alright off to review episode 10-11 of this amazing drama.

Nisar is broken

While offering his prayers in sajda he lays unconscious. Maya, Maila, Shahnaz and Talal rush Nisar sahab to the hospital.

But Mehmood Aslam is just so good! What an actor.


Nael and Shazia arrive at the hospital and Maila is pissed off. Rabiya Kulsoom brought out her inner lioness.


They also try to meet Nisar at the hospital but he ousts them.

Aaj se mera aur tumhara koi rishta nahi hai

Ouch! Shazia is such a poor thing. Why is she getting punished for something Nael did? I hate Nael.


Back at Nael’s home, Shazia also cut off ties with Nael. Well it depends from situation to situation, but I completely approve Shazia’s decision.

Nael should grow up.

Zimra comes home

Shaan gets a call in the middle of the night. Zimra has come home. Or so he thought.

She comes to leave Zimal under his care. She says that Zimal is causing her problems in her new married life. I mean WTF? Aise maa hoti hai kya?

But for Shaan’s step-mother and Tooba, they are over the moon. Zimra has officially left Shaan’s life.

Talal comes to the rescue

Nisar needs a heart operation as his two valves are closed. But they need almost 6-7 lacs to get it done. Maila suggests that they use Nisar’s wedding savings for his operation. Although Shahnaz is against this, Maila manages to convince her.

Baba ke zindagi se barkar koi aham nahi hai

But Talal has other plans. He writes a cheque for Nisar’s surgery. A gesture to give back as Nisar was his teacher who had paid for his school fees.


Also it is hinted that Talal has fallen in love. Is it with Maila or Maya. Because he gave the cheque to Maya and even after getting betrayed by 2 men in her life, she is still like “mmm I think he is into me.”

Talal bhai, not cool! What I mean is, I am pretty sure he is sending mixed signals to Maya but is actually in love with Maila (credits from the unnecessary teaser).

The Khawars are now Chaudhries

The family is at it again. Now in their full get up. They all look so stunning!

I mean Annie Zaidi and Saife Hassan are so badass. Ahsan Khan too! Un moochon bari sohni lagdi hai.


They tell their trusty servant, Cheema, to spread the word about the Chaudhries and about how filthy rich they are.


And it works when the family they’ve wanted to prey on takes the bait.

I just love watching this family. And it is also important to show how these conmen (and women) work. Learning about their modus operandi. How they catch their prey. And as Tabraiz (or Shaji, I think) says it.

Ho gaya shikar

Ahsan Khan! Whatta man! That acting!

Excited! Off to Loot number infinity.

Drama Review

Sarey ke sarey chha gaya yaar! Everyone are so good in their element.

We got to see a bit more of Mikaal. And a lot more of the Khawars. They are the best part of Fruad.

Saba Qamar does not need more adoration because no words can describe how incredible she is.

I want more!


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