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Habs Episode 9 Recap

The Newly-Weds

So, the groom finally comes to the room. And he comes straight to the point.


“Meri taraf se koi pabandi nahin hai. I give most importance to personal space in a relationship,” Basit tells Ayesha.

Ayesha must be expecting something romantic or at least something sensible from Basit. And, she is visibly shocked to see Basit as he thanked Ayesha for giving him the favor.

And then he leaves the room.

Ayesha is hurt.

Well… At least she knows that her family is happy.

Qudsiya’s Greed, argh!

Talking of her family, Qudsiya excitedly plans to buy the house. It makes Bano suspicious. From where does Qudsiya get the monies to buy a house, a HOUSE? Qudsiya’s little secret is revealed soon. Bano is shocked to see her mother stooping so low to get her hands on some money, anybody would.

Sometimes I empathize with Qudisya–She’s like a majboor maan making the best of her circumstances. But most of the times, I doubt if her heart is in the right place.

This whole wedding was is auctioning off Ayesha. Don’t you feel that way?

I know. Even saying so makes my heart squeeze a little with disgust. But, that’s how I feel when I see Qudsiya. She’s like out to get the best price for her daughters. Ewww. That sounds so awful.

I guess the writer and the director both have done a fine job to depict just how grey this character is. Also, kudos to Saba Faisal for playing a mother who is constantly manipulating–aur kahan se paise jugaaduN

I like the conversation between Bano and Qudsiya. Dania Anwar is soooo goooood, yaar!


Coming back to the newlywed couple… Just as one would expect from Basit, he  is in his office the very next day. And, to spice things up, Ayesha also comes to the office.

Dulha dulhan both in office. Yahin hai waleema? 😀

I didn’t like the bickering between the newly weds. Even though I don’t agree with Basit’s take of his marriage, I didn’t like Ayesha’s stance, either. Ghoom phir ke wahi mere murghe ki ek taang: mere upar zimmedariyan hain. 


Why can’t she take her husband’s money? If Basit hasn’t accepted this marriage, Ayesha is no different. She should have asked Basit for pocket money to support her family, haq se. Now, that would be a different story. Haha!

Alright, off to the next thing in my checklist. 


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