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Habs Episode 14 Recap

So, Ayesha is reluctant to go with Basit thanks to Basit yelling at her (and raising his hand so slap his wife, tch, that’s sick). Basit is waiting in the car for Ayesha, and…

Habs Episode 15 Written Review & Update

The Couple Bickers Again

Ayesha does come and sits in the back seat, irking Basit. Basit threatens to call Qudsiya if Ayesha doesn’t come and sit next to him. I like this. It was such an obvious threat. Basit tries to lighten the mood by casually teasing Ayesha about her sentiments for her family. Ayesha, on the other hand, is too miffed to sense Basit’s genuine efforts. Aisa nahin, waisa nahin, so much whining she does.

That’s all the patience Basit has.

Despite Basit’s best efforts, Ayesha is still frowning all the time. Basit loses his temper.

“Ayesha, I’m trying to make things better. Baba was right. It’s impossible to make a woman happy,” Basit tells Ayesha.


Couldn’t Ayesha be a bit more understanding? 

But wait… Why am I expecting Ayesha to be the more understanding one?

Because she is shown to be the more understanding person in that marriage. Anywho, that was just my opinion that Ayesha could have talked somewhat nicely to Basit.

Rebel Zoya and Almost-Rebel Bano

Zoya is still worried about pampering greedy Amir instead of worrying that her family isn’t happy with her. Qudsiya has had enough though. She locks Zoya in her room. Achha kiya khala jaan, she deserves it.

Later, Zoya is shown crying for Amir in slo-mo. I was like, why is this scene in this drama. We don’t need to glorify a silly girl’s act of stupidity. But then… Bano clarifies this for me.

“Zoya is too young to let go of Amir. She wouldn’t backdown like I did,” Bano tells Qudsiya.

Ah, I see. Baat to sahi hai. Zoya doesn’t have the emotional or rational depth to understand how evil Amir and his family could be. Much later, though, the lovebirds talk on phone (Amir and Zoya) and blame each other for all the wrong that happened. Neither are willing to admit that what happened wasn’t Basit’s fault. Poor Basit is blamed for everything. Tch, that man!

Another proposal for Zoya this time. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Optimism Personified

Sadia and Ayesha talk to each other at length. Sadia thinks that Basir misses Ayesha. Why else would he run to Ayesha’s place, huh? This woman is too optimistic. The way Ayesha looks at Sadia, it tells me that she thinks the same way: Aunty bahot musbat soch rakhti hain jabki beta ek dum manfi khayalat ka malik hai.

“Promise me that you’d never leave Basit,” Sadia tells Ayesha.

Something tells me that Sadia’s optimism will soon be shattered.

Sadia plans for a small birthday bash for Basit. Sadia opens up to Ayesha like never before–showing old pictures, sharing old memories. The saas-bahu duo (half-sisters IRL) look ravishing in this scene.

Elegance, grace, you name it.

That’s just Brutal

Basit is pleasantly surprised when he sees his old friends gathered to celebrate his birthday. The celebration is about to begin, and we all hope that this couple reconciles their differences.

But then… 

Basit spots Sadia, and he chooses to humiliate her in front of everyone. That was so brutal. Needless to say, Sadia is heartbroken, but she still mouths “Happy Borthday” before running off to her room and collapsing on her bed.


That doesn’t look good. 

Anywho, so she’s hospitalized. Ayesha is at the hospital, and Fahad is also with her. Seriously, does anyone notice slight tension between them??? I’m thinking that Basit and Ayesha *may* separate owing to their differences (not divorce) and Fahad would propose to Ayesha.

So, who’s missing in this picture?

Sadia’s only son. 

 This is where it gets a bit too much. How come Basit not be at the hospital when his mother is so ill? Bachha so raha hai aram se… Matlab ki hadh hai… 

Coming back to the point I made earlier, Sadia’s optimism is ruined into pieces, and now she is so dejected that she might not even survive this illness. Tab Basit ko amma ki qadar aayegi. 

Ayesha, oh Ayesha…

Of late, I see many Ayesha’s around me. I have always liked this name, but now I like it even more. I joked that I should change my name to Ayesha. But my brother mocked me. He’s so annoying.

How would Ayesha Mukhtar sound?

Just kidding!


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