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Habs Episode 18 Written Review & Update

This episode was all about Zoya. 

Amir Weds Zoya (A->Z)

Let’s dicuss her first. She has run away, and even though she knows that Bano has seen her, she doesn’t give two hoots about it. This drama is depicting such a wrong aspect of love. It is showing that young girls should run away to be with the one they love, astaghfirullah! I must have said this before, but Zoya reminds me of Zareen from Khwab Saraye (or was it Naina? I’m not sure). But, she’s selfish, too selfish for her family.

So, the nikaah is done. Amit and hisfriends are dancing. We see Zoya enjoy it for a while, just momentarily. Then, her face clouds with worries and guilt.

What have I done?

I could read that question on her face.

Amir brings Zoya to his house. And, we are not surprised to see that his parents flip out, especially his mother (ever so lovely Fareeha Shabbeer). Challenges await Zoya in her future.


Qudsiya Freaking Out

Back home, Bano sees Zoya running away. She doesn’t do much to stop her little sister.


Because she didn’t want to inform the whole neighbourhood that her sister has run away. Good call, Bano! 

Later, she tells Qudsiya and Bobby. As usual, Qudsiya blames it on Bano. 

“Saari ghalti tumhari hai,” Qudiya accuses Bano.

Arey? Uss ne kya kiya hai?

The situation gets worse when they learn that Zoya has taken everything–jewellery, clothes, etc, that her now-never-to-be in-laws had brought. This hurts Qudsiya the most, given how materialistic she is.

Ayesha is called in. The family sits together to discuss the issue, take some steps to find Zoya. This is where Ayesha begins to commit one blunder after the other.

  • First, she doesn’t tell Basit that she’s going home.
  • Secondly, she doesn’t involve Basit in this whole “find Zoya” mission. Instead, she calls Fahad.
  • Thirdly, she lies to Basit about being home the whole time.

Ek jhoot ko chhupane ke liye sau jhoot, jhoot pe jhoot… Forget Basit, nobody would like this. This is going to hurt you, Ayesha. 


Oh, so coming back to the matter at hand, Bobby is the one who keeps her sanity in check. She gives Qudsiya the much-needed reailty check while also bickering about the deprivations of her own. Finally, Qudsiya does realize that she has wronged Bobby, Bano, Ayesha and Zoya alike. Ayesha could have been the exception, because she got married. But since it’s a contract marriage… Once Qudsiya finds out about the contract marriage, things will be uglier. That’s just me wondering and worrying about these characters that don’t exist in real life. My mind races for  such useless stuff. Argh!

When Qudsiya reaches out and holds Bobby’s hand. that tiny moment made me quiet emotional. I couldn’t capture the screenshot, but it was goooood.


The Troubled Couple

Confirming my predictions, Basit is suspicious of Ayesha. He is keeping an eye on Ayesha. Ayesha, on the other hand, is giving him more ammunition to irk Basit more, even if unintentionally.

Basit is a bit paranoid. Okay, a lot. I want to say Basit: Girl is worried, and has sought help from Fahad; that doesn’t mean she is having an affair. 

I feel that Ayesha was also at fault here. She should have been open with Basit. Basit knows every shit that happens in Ayesha’s house. Why not let him in? If he doesn’t know, what good does that bring? I also don’t understand why Ayesha sought help from Fahad instead of talking to Basit. Ayesha comes across as a silly girl, even though she pretends to be strong and confident. Her decisions are almost always wrong. Letting her sister wear a dress from her ‘bari’, keeping Basit in the dark, being friendly with Fahad while Basit clearly hates it…

So, now we eagerly wait to see the suffocating relationship continue, while Zoya struggles with her share of challenges in a house where she is not welcome.



This episode was quite blah. A lot of rona dhona by Qudsiya and too much noise for my liking.  Saba Faisal was loud and over most of the time, but there were fleeting moments where I could feel her pain-that of a mother who’s youngest daughter has run away. Dania Anwar and Hina Rizwi shine in the episode. They both have such controlled deliveries and expressions. They are the underdogs, I must say.

Now, Basit and Ayesha’s relationship has entered the ugly phase of a contract marriage. If you like Contract Marriage trope, you might like my books: Once Upon a Crush & Once Upon a Contract



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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Haha, we both feel the same way. Give me a few hours to collect my thoughts and I will post my review of episode 19.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    I was coming here to say just how upset I was with Ayesha for all the lying to Basit, considering she knows how much he hates it. As you mentioned, he knows her family business, and for what its worth, very earnestly tried to converse with her to help but she was being so shady. Any guy, or spouse, would be suspicious after their spouse behaved in such a manner. And Basit probably has more connections and could’ve found Zoya faster. This week’s episode, I will discuss when you post that recap lol.
    And lastly, ugh Zoya!! Just a dislikable character, so selfish. Im sorry I’m sure some people relate to her and all but I just find every interaction with her character to be selfish. It wouldve been one thing to run away and get married but to steal the gifts the other groom gave? What was the reason? It wasnt hers to take (unless she married him). Idk. Anyway end rant lol.

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