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Habs Episode 19 Written Review & Update

Jhoot Pe Jhoot, Chal Yahah Se Phoot

I know, that’s such a lame heading, but I couldn’t help it.

I told you so.

Ek jhoot ko chhupane ke liye sau jhoot, jhoot pe jhoot… Forget Basit, nobody would like this. 

That’s from episode 18 review: Drama Review | Habs | Episode 18. In this episode, Basit tells Ayesha just that.

“Apne jhoot ko chhupane ke liye aur jhoot… Mujhe jhoot se nafrat hai.”

Basit obviously takes it that Ayesha is having a fling with Fahad. Now, that’s where he crosses the line. Ayesha is lying, but she isn’t having an affair. Basit could argue with Ayesha over her lies, but he should not have said what he said, and he should not have kicked Ayesha out of his house. 

Bano’s vulnerability breaks my heart 

Bano gives Ayesha the strength and support that is much-needed. Bano even talks to her boss (Basit) about Ayesha. She knows that Basit wouldn’t listen, she knows that Basit doesn’t like bringing personal stuff in office, but she still tries. That’s how concerned she is. I like Bano the best.

In one scene, she admits that she is happy about Zoya.

“Amir took a stand for her, unlike Talal. I’m sure he will keep Zoya happy,” Bano tells Ayesha.

I agree with her. That dude seems sensible. The girl he married? Not so much.

Badtameez Zoya 

As for the third sister, Zoya and Amir are going out. Amir’s mother doesn’t like it, of course, being a typical saas for a moment. It is Zoya who surprises me.

“Aap ki toh umar nikal gayi. Hamein jeeney dein,” Zoya tells her mother-in-law.

Arey? Is this how you talk to your mother/mother-in-law/elders? That was so out of blue. What’s worse? Amir just stands that like a manequinn, not reacting one bit. I can understand why Amir’s mother is being a bit nasty, but why is Zoya being so freaking rude? Those peeps have accepted her in their house, and she has the audacity to talk back. This Amir dude, didn’t he walk out of Zoya’s house because Basit supposedly insulted his parents? Where is his self-respect and ego now? I get it. Biwi badtameezi karey to chalta hai.  Uff Allah, qurb-e-qayamat ki nishaniyaaN… 

I have never liked Zoya, not even once. Characters like these make me want to skip dramas. Ek yeh, ek Roshan Ara in Badshah Begum, but more on that when I review BB.

Whiny Fahad

The whole Fahad scene was the highlight of this episode. Fahad and his mother come home to meet Basit and Ayesha. Basit openly taunts how close Ayesha and Fahad are. It makes everyone uncomfortable, but Basit doesn’t relent. The dinner ends abruptly as Fahad takes his mother home leaving Ayesha alone to deal with Basit. Basit, however, isn’t ready to listen to anything, anything at all.

The next day, Fahad comes to discuss “the matter” with Ayesha. Guess what? Basit comes home early, loses his calm and slaps Fahad.

Just the thing we were expecting.

This isn’t what stuck to my brain. Fahad and his mother later discuss Basit. Psycho hai, pagal hai, doctor ki zaroorat hai… Fahad keeps saying: Basit was upset about his mother and used to call me and I used to go to his house.

This is what bothered me the most. Fahad sounded like a whiny little girl justifying her acts to her mother. Arey bhai, you did what a friend should do. Ab us ko jata ke kya fayeda? This scene ruined Fahad’s image for me. He seemed to be the nicest thing ever, and now… Just shaking my head with disappointment.

Anywho, so now we all wait when and how Basit realizes the truth. I am more interested in seeing if Ayesha has the guts to tell Basit the truth.


I captured this for my “red outfit” series. But I also want to comment on this picture. First of all, Ayesha is dejected and devastated. It would have made sense to apply a lighter shade of lipstick. Also, that hairstyle… I don’t even comb my hair if I’m even the slightest bit depressed or frustrated. I can’t do this hairstyle even when I have plenty of time in my hand. Twist her hair on the top, put a clip and then nicely comb the rest of her hair, part them and bring out front. Did Ayesha have time and mood to do this?

I liked Bano as usual. She is so composed all the time. It’s like after losing Talal, she has gotten a hold of her emotions. I liked how she talked to Basit about Ayesha. Even though she didn’t pester much, not that Basit would let her; she at least gave her level-best. Aisi hoti hain baRi behnein–loving, giving, caring. We must respect and cherish them. To all the younger sisters out there, especially the ones at my home, ahem.

The promo of the next episode shows a car accident, and I couldn’t stop my writer brain from predicting the story ahead; 

Basit will get severely injured and/or lose his memory. Being a quintessential Desi wife, Ayesha would look after her husband, you know, khidmat guzari and all. And this would make Basit see how nice Ayesha is, and the truth about Fahad. I would prefer it if things happen this way. If, however, Basit loses his memory, then the story becomes cliched. If it takes a memory loss and a pati varta aurat to fix this shit, then I’m not buying it. Why can’t they figure out the problem as two sane people admitting to being wrong and apologizing to each other? The best outcome is that Ayesha just tells Basit everything. But it isn’t my story to write. 

This episode shows the lead couple showing their best. Whether it’s Feroze wiping his tears while walking back home, or Ushna breaking down in the washroom; they were simply outstanding. Really good acting, you guys. 

Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s sizzling chemistry and their terrific acting makes 

Habs is one of the best Contract Marriage stories ever. If you like Contract Marriage trope, you might like my books: Once Upon a Crush & Once Upon a Contract



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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I hadn’t seen the promo until your comment. I saw it and updated the review. so agree with you. It shouldn’t take a memory loss for them to patch up.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    I so wish Ayesha just blurted out about Zoya. Like dont make a whole thing just say it! Catch him off guard, he will understand and help her family as best as he can, as he has done since getting married! I understand that for her, her self respect is most important and that shouldnt be compromised but admitting the truth and clearing such an accusation would be worth it. Next promo shows an accident? Does Basit lose his memory? Idk where the track is going but this went from one of the best dramas in recent time to the same jhassi pitti story. But their chemistry really is something else.
    Zoya seriously is so battameez, youd think shed be a tiny bit nicer to the folks that accepted their elopement nikkah and shes living a nice life with them. And this is the same aamir that couldnt stand Basit saying something to his parents, hes ok with his wife saying all of that. Lol. I too cant stand her character at all; and also like Bano the best.

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