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Habs Episode 21 Written Review & Update

This episode was all about a huge misunderstanding. While Basit may have changed his decision of divorcing Ayesha, Ayesha now thinks that Basit is leaving her. She cries and cries, so much that at one point I began to roll my eyes. Behen, don’t cry so much just because of a misunderstanding, basis something you have overheard. 


Qudsiya was her usual annoying self in this episode. She kept whining about Ayesha taking care of Basit. She’s apparently unhappy of Ayesha spending time and energy on hospitalized Basit. I felt that at one point even phupho shook her head with disappointment. How could Qudsiya be so one-tone? She’s like: whatever my daughters do, I would go in the opposite direction. 


As for Basit, I think he was shortchanged in this episode. Ayesha never have him a chance to talk, a chance to explain himself. When Ayesha was home, she didn’t wait to listen to Basit. When Basit called, she kept hanging up because she was too occupied with all the weeping. 


And to make things more twisted as Ayesha meets Soha (or whatever is Ayesha Omer’s character). After 19th episode, while seeing the opening credit, I wondered where Ayesha has disappeared after the first few episodes. Now, she’s back. I’m hoping she will be final conflict between this couple. 



I cried my eyes out in this episode, not because Ayesha was weeping inconsolably, because Basit was all alone in his house. Why does that affect me more than Ayesha’s predicament, you ask?

Because I’m living alone, ALONE.

The last time I lived all by myself must have been in 2014. After that, someone from my family always stayed with me here in Pune. Even during the pandemic, my brother and sister were with me. As scary as it was, I always had someone to talk to, someone to rely on even though they weren’t very “reliable” people, if you know what I mean.  

But now, I’m all alone. I wake up, connect my laptop to office VPN and start working, and I work tirelessly until my back is too stiff to sit. Seeing Basit all alone in his big room and even bigger house, it just reminded me how awful being alone feels.

Just saying… 

Feroze Khan gave one of his best performances. His soft, subdued Basit was so relatable. Ushna, on the other hand, didn’t impress me much. She cries a lot, and it becomes repetitive no matter how pretty she looks as she cries. You know what I mean?


Alrighty, over and out.

And now, it’s time for some rant

Also, let’s talk about something that has been bothering me since last night.

Did anyone watch Fawad Khan’s interview at Something Haute? I haven’t watched anything on that channel eversince Hassan and Raja Haidar discussed which celebrity couple is separating soon. It was not in a good taste, and watching interviews anyways was a waste of time for me. This time, however, I made an exception because it is Fawad Khan we are talking about. He is such soft-spoken and sorted guy. The last time I watched him was on Film Companion as Anupama Chopra interviewed him. It was a delightful interview, and I thought…

Most of this interview was okay as Fawad Khan navigated his way through Amna’s questions. However, when she fixated on Fawad’s chemistry with Mahira Khan, that’s when it started to irritate me. I think, on some level, even Fawad was uncomfortable.

“Iss baat ka kya jawab doon main?” he asks in response.

What did Amna want him to say? They are two actors good at their job, and their acting translates to “great chemistry” on screen. The way she kept repeating the question just annoyed me. But then, it doesn’t take much to annoy me. Anywho, that was some rant bubbling inside me so I let it out.

Coming back to Habs, how do y’all like this episode?


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Maybe they couldn’t remove the blur selectively 🙂

    As for Basit, he doesn’t know how to express his feelings, I guess that’s what we must make of his silliness.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    The drama is just getting frustrating. Ep 1 was sweet then in ep 2 basit goes back to his cold ways. Guess it goes to show how deep childhood traumas go; he just couldnt let ayesha in enough to realize that she at minimum cares alot for him. An apt?? That was his answer? No heartfelt apology even after knowing the truth. Zoya- wont go into- her character is truly unlikeable. Sick of the mom with her selfish motives of trying to keeping yaawars family still connected to hers without a care for ayeshas feelings like she did with basit before. And hate them bringing back ayesha omars character. Also idk what was up with the blurring at the end of episode 2 both for ushna and ayesha. Maybe ayeshas was showing some skin but I dont think ushnas was?

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