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Habs Episode 24 Written Update & Review 

Gather up, peeps! It’s time to review Habs’ episode 24.

Qudsiya Being the Worst Mother of Them All

I watched this episode and my head was about to explode. It was so painful to watch a mother put a price for her daughter. And yet, I felt no sympathy, empathy, whatev for Qudsiya.

Qudsiya isn’t a mother worried for her daughters nor is she securing a future for Ayesha. She is simply putting Ayesha up for sale. I’m sorry for those crude words, but that’s how it feels when I see Qudsiya. EVERY SINGLE TIME. She tells Yawar’s sister about the house’s situation, and in return gets a promise that Yawar will buy a house for them. So, every time she puts Ayesha up to get a house in her name. What kind of mother would do that? Only the bey-ghairat kind of a mother would do that. Don’t try to justify Qudsiya’s acts. There is a difference in being worried for daughters’ future and selling them off. If I ever compile a list of worst mothers, Qudsiya is topping the chart for sure.

Brat Zoya 

Bilquis continues to hate Zoya for her rude behaviour, and Zoya continues to talk back. This girl has no shame to talk back to her elders–whether it’s her mother, sisters, phupho or mother-in-law. As for Amir, she treats him like a credit card, and that’s all.


Ayesha’s Rona Dhona Continues

Ayesha’s incessant weeping and sulking is getting to my nerves. Basit repeatedly calls and texts and tries to get in touch with Ayesha. All of that has no impact on Ayesha’s head. Instead, all she remembers is that Basit had thought of divorcing her. Behen, now he is being nice. The least you could do is get that pout off your face and reciprocate the niceness.

Bano, the Only Sane Person in the Family

Bano is as caring and lovely as ever. She talks to Basit about the fake papers of the house. Basit promises to help. If only Bano had confided in Basit about the Zoya’s matter, itna phadda nahin hua hota. Ayesha’s marriage wouldn’t have been on the verge of breaking.

Basit, Silly Basit

As for Basit, he is also so stupid. He doesn’t understand that Soha is hitting on him big time, and he also promises to take Soha to Fahad’s wedding. What kind of impression would that leave to the world and to Ayesha who is already sullen AF?

One car accident couldn’t bring this couple together. I wonder what will.

Peace out!


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Shabana Mukhtar

2 Comments Add yours

  1. IKR. I was so shipping Bano and Fahad.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    You said it all! She really is the worst mom out there, irks me that she shares my name, lol.
    Zoya needs to be caught pronto.
    Basit is really clueless about Sohas flirting… and Ayesha needs to stop half hearing things from the hallway and pouting away. Sit like a damn adult and talk it all out!! Good news or bad just sit and hear each other out!!
    Lowkey was a little disappointed that fahad is marrying someone that isnt Bano. She is the sanest and really wish she had confided about Zoya to basit when she had the chance. I bet even she wishes she did that.

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