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Habs Episode 28 Written Update & Review 

Mera Ghar… Meri Chhat… Gimme a Break

Basit and Ayesha are having dinner with Qudsiya. Qudsiya brings up “apni chhat” ka mas’la as usual. Bano interrupts the conversation just in time and drags her mother to the kitchen. Kudos to Bano for holding herself with this greedy mother.

Qudsiya is like: Mera ghar… Meri chhat… Mujhe chahiye paisa paisa paisa. Gimme a break already. 

Ayesha or Basit don’t hear about the loan application that Bano has submitted but they will, sooner or later.


Soha Being Soha

Jawad blabs everything to Soha about Bano; he tells about the honeymoon trip and that Bano is Ayesha’s sister. This is his chance to avenge everything that Bano had done, not that she had anything wrong. Jawad has conveniently forgotten that Bano saved his job when Basit had fired the office psycho.

Now that Soha knows about Bano, she takes this as an opportunity to humiliate Bano: bring my coffee, say salam, do my shit, don’t go home without finishing your job even if your mother is sick. 

I had always questioned Soha’s role in the story; now I know. She is there to infuriate me. Ayesha Omer is doing a great job of playing Soha, I must admit. Don’t you want to scratch her eyes right out? I know I do.


What’s with Fahad?

Soha and Fahad meet outside, quite a date like feeling. This is just Soha trying to get more details about Basit’s sudden marriage to Ayesha. Fahad is like a rattu tota tota who recites everything that he knew about Basit. What kind of friend is he? Basit trusted Fahad and confided in him. If he knew that Fahad would kinda rat him out, he wouldn’t have shared anything. How would Basit react when he finds out? I hope he finds out.

What’s with Fahad, though? Why is he being “your most obedient servant” to Soha? 

Is Zoya bipolar?

  1. Maine kuch nahin kiya…
  2. Aage se aisa nahin hoga. Tumhein shikayat ka mauqa nahin mileyga.

Both are her responses to the theft allegations. Behen, either you have stolen the money or not. Why are you so confused? Poor Amir, I pity him.

Zoya is being Zoya. She still doesn’t accept that she had taken money from Bilquis. She still treats Amir like a rug. Bilquis, however, drops a bomb on Zoya by suggesting that they go to her gynaecologist. Ab aayega mazaa.

But I’m sure Zoya and Qudsiya will think of something “convenient” to stage a miscarriage.

PS: Zoya’s comment to her mother on phone was so on-point.

Qudsiya: Maan se tabiyat nahin poochhi. Kitni khudgharz ho.

Zoya: “Poori ki poori aap pe gayi hoon

Koi toh hai jo Qudsiya ko aayeena dikha raha hai… Wohi Zoya Hai… Can you hear Atif Aslam’s voice with this line?

My Dear Bano

One good thing was that there was very little from Talal. That track just makes me want to pull my hair and scream. I haven’t said anything about Bano but I have a lot of respect for that girl. The way she handled the situation at dinner table, or how she dealt with Soha’s tantrums or the way she walked out because mother (even like Qudsiya) is more important than anything and everything else. Every scene made me love her even more. Oh, and hr conversation with Basit was just perfect. Bano didn’t cry, she didn’t let her emotions get the better of her. She meant business–loan approval. She didn’t want Basit’s help or sympathy. I just love her. 


I noticed that both Jawad and Fahad were like Soha’s puppets. They were like: No matter what happens, I gotta tell this woman what I know, else my life is at stake. Seriously? I think the writer/director wants to show that women aren’t alone in gossiping. Men who don’t have a life also gossip like anything. That takes the blame off us women. But… That’s a long shot. Who would think so far ahead just to prove men are just as gossipy and dishy?

Basit and Ayesha going on a trip… I felt it was convenient, and probably a result of reediting/reshooting. Musaddiq be like: Basit ko kahin bhej dete. My theory was shattered when he came back in the same episode. Bheja thha toh thoda lamba trip kar dete. Itna paise hai us ke paas. 

When Habs began, I noted that it would be a suffocating story. This is really a suffocating story, but not a love story. Soha’s cunning nature just suffocated me. I had to do breathing exercise for a few minutes to calm myself. I am waiting for this drama to be over. I’m done with dramas. No matter how well they begin, most of them end up making my blood boil.

Peace out!


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I saw a few clips on Youtube right after seeing your comment, and I liked what I saw. Now, all I need it a netflix account (I think my lil bro has it), and a few hours to spare.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    Yes!! I hope you enjoy it! Ive watched 5 kdramas so far but only after thoroughly vetting it that it wont be lame. Id rec either hometown cha cha cha or crash landing on you (both on netflix both chick flicky sweet romantic types) 🙂 enjoy!

    Ps- agree with urwa not making great choices, I may quit it in 1-2 more eps if It continues to be too serious. bakhtawar i saw a promo and couldn’t get into it and pinjra I think I will stop bc like you said, too intense for what I want tho I do commend the drama industry for trying that topic.

  3. I’m not too thrilled by Urwa’s choices lately, and I saw half episode before deciding to let it pass. Pinjra even without watching the teaser seems intense, not something I’m looking for. Kdramas have unnecessary love triangles. I have watched one, and tried several first episodes but liked none. I do watch a few scenes of Bakhtawar and that also makes me roll my eyes. I hate how Bakhtawar snaps at her mother in every episode, and Hooriya is just so hyper all the time. I guess what I am trying to say is: I will see one episode of Hometown Cha cha cha 🙂

  4. Pharmchick says:

    Are you watching meri shezadi? Its ok so far, not amazing but an ok watch. Im hoping it doesnt become lame bc it has the potential to become lame lol. And the other one im semi following is pinjra but that I can take in small doses only.
    Ive recently started kdramas and theyre so much better lol. The whole story is wrapped up in like 16 episodes, no dragging, good music, good acting. Try one if you havent! I recommend hometown cha cha cha if you need a rec 🙂

  5. not at all, those were my thoughts, too, esp the reediting. I mean Basit disappears for some scenes, how convenient! But I was too tired to write it all. Thanks for saying what I wanted to say 😀
    I was kinda hoping for a 30-episode run, but I guess we have more crap coming our way. Seriously, this and Fraud, and KTG and then I am done with dramas. There is also Kaala Doriya, it is never-ending… What have I gotten myself into?
    Rant over, getting back to work.

  6. Pharmchick says:

    I agree with you, Habs (and Fraud) are truly suffocating. I wonder if there was some reediting done so the storyline focuses on anyone but Basit/Feroze in light of recent controversies. If that wasnt the case, thats still so lame, every second focused on Soha conniving something or on Talal booohooing is a solid waste. I hope the director knows that the vast majority if not all of us hate Talal for leaving Bano and we will all hate it if they want to bring them together under any circumstance. Cant wait to see what happens with Zoyas track. My thought was her “accidentally slipping” and therefore possibly miscarrying. Mama Q on her one track mind back to nagging Basit after her rudeness just one ep back.
    Jawad being a naggy little tattle tale was so dumb considering bano basically saved his job… and fahad prattling everything to Soha knowing that this was private information that soha of all people didnt need to know was out of character unless he wants to cause more marital issues for basit/ayesha.
    I wish both habs and fraud can wrap up by the years end but not hopeful they will.
    Phew that was long, apologies!

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