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Habs Episode 29 Written Review & Update

I finished this episode in 10 minutes as I skipped through most of the episode. 

So, let’s summarize the episode in 10 points.

Basit and Ayesha are at Qudsiya’s for dinner. Things are going well when suddenly Ayesha is like: ogh! Bobby asks if she doesn’t like the food but Ayesha looks at Basit and mouths the words: baad mein. Cut to their bathroom where they are waiting to check the results of a home pregnancy test. It’s positive, so clichéd, I know. That’s not my point.

My first reaction on this scene was: 

Yeh nayi huyi hai. 

Generally, the elders are the ones who suggest about the possibility of “good news”. This couple is so chatur chalak and so “forward”. While this is a surprise that heroine and hero aren’t too naive about the possibility of pregnancy, somehow I didn’t like the scene. Call me old fashioned. 


Anywho. Look at me. I planned to do a bulleted list and wrote two paragraphs.

So, Ayesha is expecting. Like really expecting, unlike Zoya.

Zoya is just sitting and eating. Bilquis asks her to ready for a doctor’s appointment.

Zoya doesn’t want to go, obvio, but neither Bilquis nor Amir will listen. Get ready for a fake miscarriage to end the fake pregnancy.


Bano runs into Talal at a mart. I was like, finally. Seeing Talal’s side with a Zainab’s cribbing was getting too much. Bano doesn’t give two hoots about Talal, and I so wike it.


Lastly, let’s discuss Soha. Basit has arranged a small party to celebrate the “good news”. As I said, badi hi forward couple hai. Soha attends the party. Seeing Ayesha grinning and enjoying makes her jealous, woh kya kehte hain jal bhun kar khak ho gayi. The next day, she comes, vomits all the poisons in Ayesha’s ears and leaves.


Ayesha is back to making faces. Then, she goes and tells Qudsiya the same thing I have been saying for the past ten episodes.

Iss Mahel ke liye aap ne mujhe bech diya. 

It’s Qudsiya’s turn to make a face. She wouldn’t learn her lesson, though. I am sure. 

Oh, wait. Something just struck me. What if Ayesha has a miscarriage because she’s too upset? 

That would be something.


Alright, hating this drama right now. Off to knock on some door (you will get this pun in two weeks). Peace out!


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Now I just watch it because in every episode I hope that it’s the second last one. Don’t want to quit so close to the finish line. I have 1200+ drafts for dramas I didn’t finish watching, so I don’t want to add more to that, haha

  2. Pharmchick says:

    So funny I finished it in 10 min too. Maybe less. Ff all of the soha spewing poison part- the woman cant bear to stay away from Basit, I dont think she was invited to the party, just seemed to come by when basit didnt show up to work. Shes so cringe. But so is everyone else in the drama so its like whatever. Hate that were back to ayesha and her faces and tantrums. Youre carrying basits kid now- face him at least this time instead of running away again. Also didnt like the preg test scene it idk felt weird. Preview of next week seems zoyas lie came out again. Idk why and when the producers can put this drama out of its misery.
    Lol I keep complaining and still watch it face palm to me lol

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