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Habs Episode 30 Written Review & Update

Ayesha, probably the worst female protag ever


If Qudsiya is topping the worst mothers’ list, Ayesha is certainly the worst heroines, ever. 

Eversince she has learned about the deal between Qudsiya and Basit, she is not taking Basit’s calls. She is still talking to her mother, but God forbid if she talks to Basit.

Bano tells Basit that the truth is out. Basit comes to see Ayesha. Ayesha says many awful things; three of them I hated.

  1. Ayesha addresses Basit as “tum” instead of “aap”. I don’t like this inconsistency. Basit and 
  2. During the argument, she also brought up Saadiya, said something like: “jo apni maa ka na hua woh mera kya hoga.” That was so below the belt.
  3. She called Basit “badkirdaar”. I paused and scratched my head. When was Basit shown to be a bad character? He hated women, ALL WOMEN. That was so out of line.

Ayesha asks Basit to leave her. 

Soha is Still Manipulating

Soha doesn’t leave Basit alone. Calling him repeatedly, visiting him unannounced; she behaves as if she has Basit’s best interest at heart. I’m waiting when Basit finds out. Tab aayega mazaa.

A->Z is over

Zoya, Amir and Bilquis are at the doctor’s. Long story short, her lies are caught. Amir had promised to never leave Zoya, and he had also warned her to never lie. Since she had lied again, all bets are off. Amir and Bilquis drop Zoya home. It is Zoya’s duty now to repeatedly remind Qudsiya what an awful mother she had been.

Ayesha is Gone, YAYYYY!

Ayesha leaves the house. This is the first time I doubted Bano being the best character. I mean, if someone even coughs outside my room, it wakes me up. Ayesha got up and left the house, but nobody even knew. Bano was sleeping in the same freaking room. I mean… It’s alright. She’s also a human being. She’s forgiven.

Since I had all day to watch this episode, I also had time to watch the promo as well. There is a subtle hint that Ayesha might be dead, and I am so thrilled even by the idea. It would be great if we don’t see that sulky face again. I know they wouldn’t kill the heroine, but it’s a great idea.

Chalo, off to have dinner. Today’s menu is steamed rice with baingan, chapati and the leftover cauliflower from afternoon. No daal today.


Habs was supposed to be a Contract Marriage but it has reduced to an annoying tale of confusion and more confusion. If you like Contract Marriage trope, you might like my books: Once Upon a Crush & Once Upon a Contract



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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. hehe, it’s like FK’s social life and this drama both are falling apart.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    Ayesha talking to her mom and not Basit was so perplexing to me too. If anything, her mom was the one that “sold” her so she should be more upset with her. And she really did say some awful things to basit. Very below the belt. Shes not a bad actress but here she is awful.
    Tbh if not for FKs personal controversies I feel like he wouldve won an award for his acting in this drama.. he really did a good job.
    Soha.. gosh I really need the beans spilled that you were the zeher spiller here! Ayesha omer always plays such annoying characters
    The preview for next week was so weird I feel like 90% of it was scenes from this past episode and only the part where ayesha may be dead was the new scene. Whatever ends up happening please director saab end this drama!