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Habs Episode 31 Written Review & Update


It’s official, Ayesha really is the dumbest, stupidest most annoying heroine ever. She has left the house and thinks that Soha has her best interest at heart. When Bano finally gets to talk to Ayesha, Ayesha blamed everything on her family, including Bano. Bano is the one person who always stood by Ayesha and had her own job. Despite that, Ayesha calls Bano matlabi and greedy. This was beyond my patience, so I skipped through most of the episode.

Oh, yeah, Ayesha isn’t dead. What a disappointment it was!

Zoya asks Qudsiya to stay away from her life, her issues with Amir. I’m sure they will sort out their differences. For once, Zoya didn’t make my blood boil in this episode. Because Ayesha was doing all the blood-boiling things.

This episode also disappointed me when Bano called Talal in a moment of weakness. Kyu behen? Ayesha isn’t around. How can Talal help her? And all she did was cry and hang up. Bewaqoofi ki hadh, that too from Bano, so not expected.

Soha is hitting on Basit, like full-on hitting, even offers to stay with Basit. I was like, kill me now.

Long story short, another very slow and very irritating episode. It’s hard to digest that Habs was one of the most entertaining contract marriage stories ever and now it has come to this.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I don’t even feel like doing a review. I didn’t do Fraud yesterday. It was so bleh.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    Hi! I was hoping for your review as ive decided I dont/cant watch this anymore… everything is dumb in it now.
    My biggest issues- I thought it would come naturally to ayesha to feel suspicious of soha- I would have alarm bells going off if I was in a similar situation! And why is soha- supposedly beautiful, rich, educated, good family and had initially rejected basit- now desperately following him and doing everything to break his family unit. Its pathetic. And basits friend is the WORST.

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