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Habs Episode 32 Written Review & Update

It’s the second last episode, and that’s the first thing I noticed when I checked YouTube this evening. Aren’t we happy?

Okay, so let’s get started.

Crispy First Half

Don’t hate me, but I kinda liked this episode. The first half before the break was especially written and executed well. The narrative was so tight and the dialogues were very thoughtfully penned.

While Ayesha and Bano’s conversation made me roll my eyes (because Ayesha is so arrogant and stupid), Bano’s confrontation with Soha made me think twice. Soha genuinely thinks that she is doing right by Basit and Ayesha by creating a rift between them. That’s so disturbing, but it also shows how real people are, it shows how the grey characters think that they are the best.

There are two bits that I liked immensely.

  1. Bano tells Ayesha that Soha doesn’t have her best interest at heart. 
  2. Bano tells Soha that she can’t be happy if she comes between two people who love each other.

Bano, love you girl!

Sappy Middle

The post-break parts were quiet soppy as Bano takes her family to her new house (the one she got as part of her job). I think that scene tried to show us why Qudsiya was so crazy about gettng a house of her own. But I didn’t buy their shit. There was a time I was also batshit crazy for getting a house of my own. I did get it but I made some wrong decisions at the time. And, to this day, those decisions haunt me. I seek Allah’s forgiveness, but the nagging feeling of doing something wrong never leaves me alone.

Anywho… So Ayesha also comes to this new house. Qudsiya and Ayesha’s little chat was the most annoying part of this episode. I was doing the dishes so I couldn’t skip through it. You can imagine how I feel being through that torture. 

Soha Comes Clean

And finally, the face-off. Soha comes clean and tells Basit what she did and why she did it. Basit is mad, obvio, but he says, and I quote: Ayesha has taught me to forgive (collective awnnn).

Ayesha also learns the truth finally (because Bano telling her that Soha doesn’t have her best interest at heart wasn’t enough). Then Basit tries to talk to Ayesha, but our girl is adamant AF.

Ayesha is still like: no can’t do. Leave me, divorce me.

Basit is like: alright.

The Arrogant Wife

Basit gets the divorce papers prepared (too many p’s there) and gives Ayesha the full right to take a descision. Ayesha still isn’t happy. I was like, sister, make up your freaking mind.

  1. Basit asks her for forgiveness but she doesn’t want to forgive and forget. Puh-leez.
  2. Basit gives him the right to take the final call but she doesn’t like that she has the rights. Seriously? 
  3. Basit tells Ayesha that he’s a changed man now but Ayesha says Sadiya wanted the change. So are you saying that you don’t like this changed man?

Why can’t she see that Basit is genuinely sorry and get back with him? I don’t want Ayesha to settle because of the kid, but I think that’s where the finale is headed. 

Seriously, if I ever compile a list of most annoying heroines (I really should), Ayesha is first and Mehr (from Amanat) is second. These two are definitely taking the top two positions. 

To summarize, I liked the first half but hated the later part. I’m happy that come next Tuesday, this  will be over.

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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Yep, second last episode is the best thing.. You and I both, huh? You’re like my soul twin when it comes to Habs. 🙂

  2. Pharmchick says:

    The *best* part of the episode was when I saw it was the second to last ep. I even watched it this time bc I was like why the heck not. Agreed first half was good, bano really is the best minus her moments of weakness thinking of talal. Glad its all in the open tho I guess i expected basit to be more upset but oh well. Ayesha truly is the worst.

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