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Habs | Is Love Really Needed For A Marriage?

ARY’s new drama Habs is an unusual drama with a story that involves a loving couple, trying to make it through the misunderstandings that are created by the unfortunate circumstances and the people around them.

Habs Episode 5 Written Review & Update

Basit’s Track

Basit reaches Imtiaz’s place to talk about marrying Soha soon. Imtiaz seems to be considering the idea when Soha makes a very stylish entry.

Soha is rightfully upset when Imtiaz reveals Basit’s reason for visit. Soha rejects Basit’s pleas again. And says

When I have already discussed this with Basit, I don’t see the reason why he has to bring this up again with dad. Can’t a discussion between two partners be valid?

I like Soha. She knows how to take a stand. For herself. Very seldom in Pakistani Dramas. She is also smart and sensible. I like.


Basit comes home perplexed. He has a run in with Sadia. He complains to her for leaving him alone when he needed her the most. Poor Basit, I get this dude. Dude just wants some love.

We then see a flashback between his parents. We see that Sadia wanted Basit in her custody but with Salman’s constant pleas to keep Basit, Sadia has no other choice but to leave Basit under Salman’s care. Sadia really loved Basit. Although Salman and Sadia’s divorce was amicable , Basit still thinks that Sadia is to be blamed for his parents’ separation.


Back at the office, Basit receives another shock. Soha calls off their engagement. This was what I had expected from Soha and I completely side with her. Good job gal!


Ayesha’s Track

Ayesha is worried about Bano, as she should. Ayesha tells Bano some wise words of wisdom, about fate. That if their love was ever true, the universe would conspire them to get together. Courtesy from Om Shanti Om. LOL!


Back at Basit’s office, Ayesha gets a class from the boss himself as she misses some details about an upcoming presentation. Basit notices that she doesn’t have a smart phone.


At home, Qudsia receives another threat from the landlord about their rent. Qudsia then tells Ayesha that

Don’t come back home unless you get 4 months worth of rent. Get an advance

Our hero, who notices that Ayesha hasn’t left office yet even after office hours, Basit is worried. Ayesha informs Basit about her predicament and our hero gets her job done. He even asks the secretary, Jawad, to get Ayesha a new phone. Sweet!!

Drama Review

I didn’t want to add this bit in the synopsis above but the conversation between Bano and Qudsia was much needed. As much as Qudsia might seem evil, she is not bad at all. I understand where Qudsia is coming from. She isn’t greedy, just worried about her daughter’s as well as her future.

But Bano is selfish. Love has it’s place but it isn’t greater than your parent’s love and their needs.

Lets get back to the review. Habs is a good drama going at a steady pace. All the actors even Feroze Khan is quite good here, I must admit. He is bringing in all the nuances the character needs. I connect with Basit.

Ushna Shah is sooo good as well! I really love her in this role! She is quite versatile I must say. From Nigar in Balaa to Nayab in Cheekh to Noor in Aakhir Kab Tak. This woman has impressed me and has done justice to all her roles.

Ushna and Feroze also have such electrifying chemistry, I’m so excited for their romantic scenes.

Also, how good is Habs’s OST?? I absolutely love it. So soulful and tasteful. Ah!

Overall, Habs is indeed one of those dramas where I wait eagerly for every Tuesday. Good stuff!


Until then, do check out my next review!


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