Drama Review | Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay | Episode 15

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine
I got a love and I know that it’s all mine, oh, oh-oh
Do what you want but you’re never gonna break me
Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me, oh, oh-oh
Take me away (Take me away)
A secret place (A secret place)
A sweet escape (A sweet escape)
Take me away (Take me away)
Take me away (Take me away)
To better days (To better days)
Take me away (Take me away)
A hiding place (A hiding place)

What a song!

It has been stuck in my head all week.

Alright, let’s get back to the 17th episode of Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay is here. It’s based on Umera Ahmed’s novel of the same title. If you’re interested in the novel’s plot. read  this post  for more details).

Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay Episode 15 Written Update

Mehreen’s halluncination continues in this episode. She sees Mashal, she hears Mashal, she fears Mashal. I feel for her. My heart goes out to Mehreen. I couldn’t bear her plight when I read the novel. I can’t bear her plight now in the drama. It is a saddening and apt depiction of a person who’s slowly losing grip on her senses.

Mehreen also sees Aswad, and next thing you know Aswad comes back. He sees Mehreen in her most vulnerable state, feels sorry for her. And yet, Mashal’s words makes him change his mind.

“Main sirf yeh kehne aaya thha ki tum bahot achhi acting karti ho,” Aswad says.

To say that to a person who’s already in trauma-it’s just aweful. But then, Aswad doesn’t really know Mehreen’s trauma, yet.

“Mashal tumhari wajah se mari hai,” Aswad says.

“Aap ki wajah se bhi toh ho sakta hai,” Mehreen replies.

Hmmm, interesting point. The drama is changing its direction now. Earlier we have seen Aswad feeling guilty of the way he talked to Mashal the way she died. Now, Mehreen is suggesting that Mashal might have committed a suicide because of Aswad. Who knows, in next episode, the police will find out a suicide note or something in which Mashal blames everything on Aswad. Haha… In the novel, Mashal died just so Mehreen and Aswad would never be happy together. But the writer can add a twist for screen adaptation, right?

So, Aswad is back, thanks to Saleha’s behaviour. She had been cold towards Aswad ever since he left, and that whole episode when police came to arrest her and Mehreen was just too much. Aswad has quit his job to come back. Tch! He might not like Mehreen but he’s helpless when it comes to his mother.

Saleha asks Mehreen to move to Aswad’s room. Little does she know that Aswad hasn’t changed one bit.

“Go and change, wear a saree, put on some jewellery,” she says.

She’s so pushy at times. But, mother-in-laws could be like that. Even mothers are like that often. Wear new shoes, change your hairstyle, this colour doesn’t suit you, that dress is too loose for you. I guess mothers like dressing up, and they want their daughters and daughters-in-law to dress up as well.

“Tumhein kya lagta hai ki acche kapde pehenne se, makeup karne se tum apne andar ki badsoorti ko chupa lo gi?” Aswad asks.

That’s a nasty thing to say to anyone, especially when you have company. Aswad says that to Mehreen right in front of Saleha. That’s a bit off. I mean, it does happen in real life. But that was rude, so rude.

Tahir asks Shagufta if she knew that Mashal took sleeping pills. Shagufta denies, of course. She puts the blame on Saleha and Rabeya as usual. That expression on Tahir’s face breaks my heart. When I had started reading Urdu fiction at the tender age of 6, I had read some phrases several times, and never understood them until I was much older. Quoting one of those lines here:

Aagahi azaab hai. (Awareness is torment)

That applies to Tahir here. He is shown to be torn between the urge to find the truth and the relief of not knowing. I think he has come to believe that Mehreen has nothing to do with Mashal’s death, but he isn’t willing to let go so easily. He conditions to take the case back if Mehreen apologizes.

Bas phir hamara hero pahunch jaata hai Mehreen se kehne that she has to apologize for the crime she didn’t commit. She doesn’t want to, but Aswad shouts at her, almost raises his hand on Mehreen. We have seen this scene in the teasers several times. To see it play as part of the episode was even more horrifying. No man should ever raise his hand on a woman, any woman.

Mehreen is forced to apologize, Tahir even forgives her, but Mehreen’s spirits are broken, we can tell. I think Tahir needed that apology for closure.

I can’t wait for the next episode. I’m sure it will be epic.

Highlights of this episode

This episode has taken the drama to a next level. The characters have become more complex, and mind-blowingly more twisted. The way Aswad loses his temper at Mehreen, and then regrets not being kind and breaksdown. It shows that at the bottom of all this, Aswad is just a flawed person like everyone of us. We make snap judgements at times, we lose temper at times, and we regret things that we do. More often than not, we redeem ourselves. And, I’m eagerly waiting for Aswad to redeem his.

I don’t know if it’s me watching YouTube after several days, or just something about this episode, it felt choppy. It seemed like several sequences were edited together and some scenes were missed out in the middle. Mehreen agreed to apologize to Tahir just because Aswad yelled at her, once, ONCE. A little hard to believe, just like the fact that she obeyed Aswad’s order to not step out. Itna kaun obedient hota hai? But then what do I know about married life?

One of the moments that stuck with me: Aswad insults Mehreen, she goes to her room, and the way she scratches her shoulder absent-mindedly; it just hit me. She’s so vulnerable in that scene. Beautiful! Saddening, but the scene makes you feel for Mehreen all over again.

Another moment that stayed with me was when Mehreen apologizes for a crime that she didn’t. She exchanges a look with her nano, and we see the bond that they once shared.

Usman Mukhtar is the performer of this episode. His evil, smirky, snorty smile is so killing. Tahir is also good as a grieving, confused father. We also see many scenes involving Mashal in her blue dress. She’s stunning. Kubra has shown such a vast range of emotions. I’m super impressed.

Alright, this has been one long review. Staying away from my writing and blogging routine for a week has turned me into someone else it seems. Off I go, too drama episodes to review.

Have you read the novel ? Or my review? What do you think of the story? I will meet you in another review.

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