Drama Review | Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay | Episode 2

Alright, we’ve established that the novel has undergone a lot of changes for the TV adaptation, and it might not have the sad ending as in the book (read  this post  for more details).

Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay Episode 2 Written Update

Let’s see what the second episode brings to us.

ہم کہاں کے سچے تھے

درد پی کے مرتے تھے

زہر پی کے جیتے تھے

زندگی کے دھوکے میں

ہر کسی سے لڑتے تھے

ہم کہاں کے سچے تھے

Rabiya is married to Noman now. She has two kids

Rabiya is visiting her mother, so Mehreen goes to her best friend Sheeba’s place. Mahreen doesn’t want to see her mother.


Anum and Tooba are Rabia’s daughters with Noman, that makes them Mehreen’s stepsisters. They are also Mashal’s fans.


Nano has nothing better to do except bickering about Mehreen. What a toxic grandmother she is. She and Mashal try very hard to paint a poor picture of Mehreen. We can already see where this is headed. It’s no wonder Mehreen is so bitter. I’m bitter just watching her.


The confrontation between Mehreen and Rabiya will break your heart. Kudos to Laila Wasti for such a heartfelt performance. The OST also plays a big role in making this scene the highlight of this episode.


We also learn that their senior and Sheeba’s cousin Saffan aka Safi is interested in Mehreen. Enters Haroon Shahid. Mehreen tells him that she isn’t ready to commit yet. Nice scene… Oh, on a side note, Haroon reminds me of Veer Rajwant Singh, of “What the Folks” fame. Anyone else?


hum kahan ke sachey thay

dard pi ke martay thay

zeher pi ke jeetay thay

zindagi ke dhokay mein

har kisi se lartay thay

hum kahan ke sachey thay


Mashal also works hard to make sure that Aswad hates Mehreen. Saleha, on the other hand, wants Aswad to marry Mehreen.


Episode highlights

This episode is filled with little moments that subtly summarize a big plot point for us.


1. The way Mashal purses her lips before meeting Rabia but then she forces a smile as if she’s happy to see her aunt. It tells us that Shagufta’s hatred towards her sisters-in-law has made Mashal a hypocrite as well


2. Mashal lies about Mehreen. And, to ensure that Aswad believes her, she asks him: do you think I lie?

Aswad says, “no, you don’t lie.”

This is Umera’s writing style. Her characters have a strong opinion about things and they don’t hesitate to voice those opinions.


3. Mehreen is bitter but she’s also hurting. In fact, she’s bitter because she’s hurting. The way she pleads her mother to not give her money, that was heartbreaking. She needs her mother’s attention, not her money.


4. Aswad isn’t madly in love with Mashal but he likes her, no thanks to all the lies that she has cooked up. Mashal on the other hand, is obsessed with Aswad. That scene when Mashal tells him: “I want Aswad.”

“Aswad is here. What else?” Aswad says. Aswad’s tone is almost detached as if he doesn’t mean what he says.


Perhaps, he doesn’t like Mashal as a partner. Perhaps it’s only in Mashal’s head.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it.


5. The relationship dynamics between Shagufta and Tahir. Tahir says amanna, agrees to everything that Shagufta says. When the duo is talking to nano about Mashal and Aswad’s future, Shagufta is literally feeding words to Tahir. What a scene!


The director has done a phenomenal job.

Before I sign off, Umair Rana is so freaking good as Mansoor. Sure, he was an alcoholic but he loved Mehreen and we can see that from one single scene. What a performance!

Have you read the novel ? Or my review? What do you think of the story? I will meet you in another review.

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