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I’m home!!! 

I was visiting my work-town Pune for some work (not related to office). Now, after 5 weeks of jila-watni, I’m back home. I can’t say that home is better than Pune, or Pune is better than home. Both places have their importance in my heart, and both places offer things. Here, I don’t have to cook. In Pune, I had plenty of time to write.

That is all the personal rant I would allow in this post. The ninth episode of Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay is here. It’s based on Umera Ahmed’s novel of the same title. If you’re interested in the novel’s plot. read  this post  for more details.

Let’s get to “the episode”.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay Episode 9 Written Update

Alright, so the big episode is here. It’s time to say inna lillah for Mashal.

I heard the episode once before watching it. My mom is hooked to the drama, and she ordered me to play it for her. I was busy otherwise so couldn’t watch along. Two hours of restlessness later, I’m here with the review.

Oh, by the way, watching the drama on normal speed is tiring. My mother watches is on normal speed, I watch everything on at least 1.5X, sometimes even at 2X. Some dramas are too slow-mo.

So, the episode begins as Mashal and Shabbo talk about dinner. We see Mashal plotting about something. We know what she’s thinking. Unsuspecting Shabbo is as carefree as ever.

Mehreen comes home. Seriously, why didn’t she stay at Saleha’s place? After Tahir asked her to move out, a self-respecting girl who has other options should have stayed out of that house, no? We see Mehreen taking care of her nano’s medicines and other needs. Despite everything else, Mehreen looks after her grandmother. And yet her nano is bitter, always. She’s completely in Shagufta’s hold.

Mashal is pestering Aswad to talk, to call, but Aswad doesn’t want to talk. For one, Saleha has categorically asked him not to. For other, he had heard every awful things that Mashal has said about Saleha. It’s natural that Aswad finds hard to trust Mashal. But wait until that goes for a toss.

Nano, Tahir and Shagufta are blaming everything on Mehreen, and behave very rudely with Saleha and Aswad. They have always been very selfish. It doesn’t surprise me.

Aswad remembers everything that Mashal said about Saleha and yet he blames Mehreen and by extension Saleha for Mashal’s demise. How is he any different than Tahir and Shagufta? Aswad sides with Mashal’s parents despite their unreasonable behaviour.

Aswad talks to Tahir, seeks apologies and Tahir tells him that there is only one way he’d forgive Aswad – if Aswad helps to get capital punishment for Mehreen.

And Aswad will help because he’s guilty of talking rudely to Mashal, because he doesn’t want to marry Mehreen, because he also thinks that Mehreen is at the wrong.n

We don’t see Mehreen and Mashal’s confrontation yet. Mehreen had seen her bridal dress ruined. She’s enraged and goes to talk to Mashal. What happens after that remains a mystery. This tragic novel has veen turned into a romantic-mystery-family-drama.

I also realize Shabbo’s importance now. She’s the only one who has witnessed the events of that night. Noice!

Parting Thoughts

I like how the doors opening and closing has taken the plot forward. Shagufta opens the door and finds Mashal dead, Aswad opens the door and finds Saleha weeping uncontrollably, Shabbo opens the door and finds the dog dead, Mehreen opens the door and finds the police waiting for her. Kudos to the director and the editor.

So, we will see Mashal in future, in flashbacks. This is for Liza, one of my many online friends. She was wondering how the second lead is killed off so easily. She’s killed off, but we will still see her.

Huma Nawab is so good, so good. The way she breaks down after hearing the news, or when they reach the hospital, and Tahir blames everything on them, or when the watchman doesn’t allow them in for the funeral. She delivers a stunning performance.

Usman Mukhtar had done well, too. The way his jaws tighten everytime Tahir says something shitty, is nice. Tahir and Zainab act well for grieving parents. Kaif’s face tells us that there are stories to be unconvered.

Mahira Khan and Khalid Malik (the inspector, check the cast & characters) both ham their way.

There, I said it. So far, I was pleasantly surprised by Mahira’s performance. In this episode, she faltered. Mahira even loses her voice when she repeatedly says:

I didn’t kill Mashal.

That scene reminded ke of the scene from humsafar where she repeatedly says:

Maami yeh aap kya keh rahi hain?

Didn’t Mehreen have asthma problem? How come she didn’t have an asthma attack? These are troubling times. I would think that her asthma gets worse.


Now, we wait for the next episode. We would love to see what transpired that night. But I’m sure that revelation will be slow.

Have you read the novel ? Or my review? What do you think of the story? I will meet you in another review.

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Shabana Mukhtar