Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 1

Humsafar is a 2011-2012 Pakistani super-popular drama. You can check the cast and characters in my post here.

Humsafar episode 1 written update and review

Written update

Khirad Ehsaan is raised in a poor neighborhood in Hyderabad by her widowed mother, Maimoona. She is pursuing a degree in science, and, like her late father (who was a math teacher), she is very strong in math. As the episode opens, we see Khirad and her mother giving tutions to some kids. This is how the mother-daughter duo earns their bread and butter. Khirad’s neighbour Batool Khala is a kind soul who is always there for them.

Maimoona has perpetual headaches. When she visits the hospital, the doctors suggest hat Maimoona might have cancer. She loses all hopes, and calls her wealthy brother, Baseerat Hussain. Khirad doesn’t like her uncle much. She feels hinks that as Baseerat doesn’t try to stay in touch, they should not bother Baseerat either.

The scene shifts to Karachi. Baseerat lives in Karachi with his rich wife, Farida, and their son Ashar. Ashar’s cousin Sara likes him a lot, while Fareeda and Zareena have also decided to marry off their offsprings. I think Ashar doesn’t like Sara as much as Sara likes Ashar.

Baseerat brings Maimoona to Karachi and the treatment begins. Maimoona is worried about Khirad and asks Baseerat to arrange a marriage for Khirad. Baseerat assures to find a good match. We all know where this is heading. But we will wait till the next episode.


This drama has nostalgia attached to it, but let me admit that some of the scenes were too melodramatic, and I am not entirely convinced by some performances. For instances, every time Maimoona addresses Baseerat as “mere bhaiya”, I can’t help but laugh.

Also, since we are talking about the over-use of OST, the whole episode did not have any background music. There was Humsafar, and now there is Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thhay which is 80% tere binn. 

Done with this episode. I have watched the second episode, and I will be posting the review soon.