Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 14

A little recap of episode 13

Khirad is now living with Khala Batool.

Humsafar episode 14 written update and review

Khala Batool has a new plan – that she would go to Karachi, meet Ashar and talk to him about Khirad. Her kids, two daughters and a son, are against it. 

“You are supporting Khirad the best way possible. But we wouldn’t let you be insulted by that jerk of a rich man,” they say.

We see a series of flashbacks as Khirad recalls every bitter word that Fareeda ever said. She gets up, and rushes out. She wants to go to Karachi and meet Ashar hoping that he would set things straight. Tch… Doesn’t she remember that Ashar isn’t talking to her?

Back in Karachi, Ashar has decided to move to England. Sara creates a fuss when she finds out. Ashar snaps. Banta bhi thha. Sara is nagging him all the time.

“For god’s sake, I’m going to England, not leaving this world. Why are you so emotional?” Ashar asks Sara.

Khirad goes in the labour, and she calls Ashar from the hospital. But Ashar isn’t in Pakistan. She delivers a baby girl.

“I will only meet you at the day of judgement now, Ashar Hussain. I will never forgive you,” Khirad vows.

Yeah, remember that. Exam mein aayega.

The story jumps ahead four years.

Mahira Khan, uff, what OTT acting she has done. 

What to expect from episode 15

Will Khirad go back on her words and contact Ashar Hussain?

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Shabana Mukhtar